Personal Review of d Program Mild Cleansing Gel

In this Autumn, I (Cherry) sometimes used this d Program Mild Cleansing Gel. Let me share with you my review.

This is a white gel.

There are no perfume. That is so good.

Let me show you using on mu skin.

To be honest, I did not satisfied this product. There are no stinger of pain, but somehow small irritation by its alcohol.

I had to use many gel to remove the eyeliner. It is just because this Coffret D’or eyeliner is a strong waterproof. See, “THREE” letter by THREE’s Flash Performance Eyeliner. It is modest as a makeup remover, but to be honest, I recommend to use oil makeup removers, which removes quicker.

I think some like this product, but to be honest, this is not for mine.
Wanna try?
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