Emoda Eyeshadow and Eyeliner are also nice :)

Emoda is quite new brad in Japan. I (Cherry) got some items from one of the girls behind me, let me share with you.

Impressive eye color; Indigo


Let me apply on my arm.

Primer; Lunasol Control Base

Foundation; Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation OC2


This is pretty dark blue. I had thought it is good for drawing smoky eyes. There are less—maybe no glitters, nor perfume.

Bold Pencil Eyeliner: Blue


I also got pencil eyeliner by Emoda. The color is Blue.


We do not deal products in Emoda regularly, but if you have something you want to custom order, please feel free to ask us (please tell us the country we ship to, and the specific items & color with quantity). We are going to send you an Invoice through Paypal with the custom order fee (JPY1,000 or more) and the shipping (depends on the destination and weight, and the minimum is JPY1,500).