Personal Review of Facio Smart Curl Mascara W Curl

I (Cherry) like using mascaras, I just remind some of my classmates from Spain or Portugal, I met them while I studied in Europe. It was the first time to feel eyes with long and curled eyelashes are beautiful. My eyes and eyelashes will never be like them, but I like using mascaras.

I prefer using waterproof mascaras, and less fibers. Because sometimes fibers are coming down to my eyes, and it is uncomfortable thing.

Facio is a drugstore brand, and it has quite good reputation in Mascaras.

I chose “Smart Curl Mascara W Curl”, which is a waterproof, and curling my eyelashes, and keep the curl well.

I laughed to see the shape of the head. See so funny isn’t it?

Frankly to say, I like straight head for mascaras, and this curled head is not pretty easy to use for me, maybe I had used straight heads.

Sorry, I have no plan to show you my face on the net. My eyelashes are longer as Asian, but straight. To make my eyelashes long, I need to use curlers. I often use shu uemura eyelash curler before using mascaras, but I tried without that. If you have Asian straight eyelashes, you may agree with me that it is not easy to curl up and keep its curl by mascara only. I was surprised to find how easy to curl up my eyelashes with this Facio! Yes, it is true “Smart Curl” mascara!

That’s true that this is a waterproof. I needed to wash my eyelashes carefully with cleansing oil, and my face wash. If you wanna use this mascara, makeup removers are essential.

Please check the color and the latest price from here: Facio Smart Curl Mascara W Curl.