Albion Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV is watery, quickly absorbed :)

I (Cherry) have some good friends in/ from out of Japan. I sometimes visit Hong Kong, and there are some close friends, and I really like to see them. One of my close friends in HK is Sarah, studied in the States and UK, I asked her to write review for us.

In this time, Albion Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV.

Let me show you how Sarah is describing this lotion.

Sarah’s review

Excia Renewing Lotion SV- A very elegant look though it is ‘only’ a sample

My facial skin is the very dry and sensitive kind and I am always on the hunt for moisturizing but non-sticky products, although curiously, I love the camelia oil that I have used for over two years. Still, I’d love to try out products that help me look less ‘greasy’ on the face for important occasions and on unbearably hot days.

At first I was not confident about Excia renewing lotion because it looked all watery (I used to think that only thick or oily lotion is nourishing), but I was so surprised that the lotion was quickly absorbed into my skin, which quickly felt refreshed. The lotion smells a bit weirdly like Ginseng, but after application its scent becomes milder and nicer. My skin felt a bit sticky, but it is still acceptable to me especially when I am used to applying oily products.

This lotion is just perfect for those with very dry skin like mine. Just be really slow and careful when pouring the lotion- it is just like water and you don’t want to waste a drop of it. (Or is it just me who always tries not to be wasteful?)

Note by Cherry

Thank you Sarah!

I did not give her lots of information about this product, because I wanted to know how she really felt, and what is the very you wanna know too, I am sure.

That’s right, Albion Excia AL has unique scent, and smelling most of Albion products, I feel they are trying to unify as “oriental herb”, but some are odd. I like Excia AL Milk perfume, but this lotion is wired. Yeah, after she told me “Gingsen” (one of medicated herbs in Asia, famous in Korea), I can not wipe out the image of Gingsen! hahaha.Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia AL Renewing Line

Review by Cherry

Seemed I also had not done with the review of this Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV, please let me review for this too. This small bottle is from a kit.

Let me show. It looks just a lotion, watery lotion as Sarah had mentioned.
Excia AL Recewing Lotion

Less sticky product, but moist my skin pretty well.

I get sting with skin care products, but Albion is one of the brands I can use without worrying too much. (I sometimes feel sting by Skin Conditioner Essential ) . No stinger, the scent is odd but gone quickly, moist well yet not pretty much sticky in Summer. There are lots of lotions, and this is one of my favorite!

We often have order of Albion milks, especially this high-class line of Excia AL Renewing / Whitening milk. Both are my favorite too, but there are less order of Excia AL lotions.

Japanese skin care method maybe really unique for those who from out of Japan. Basically we do 3/ 4 steps. Wash-lotion-emulsion. And 4th are serums, creams etc up to the person. We Japanese girls really like using lotions, and some, especially young girls or with oily skins end with wash and lotion only. If you wanna end with lotions, this Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV maybe nice.

Albion’s method is unique: 4 steps of Wash-Milk-Lotion-Cream/ Serum.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia AL Renewing Line