Personal Review of ALLIE Extra UV Protector ( UV Perfect Alpha)(2013)


It is middle of Aug, but still heat in here Japan. I (Cherry) feel it is as if usual late July to early of Aug. Heat itself is less problem for me. The big problem is sweat. So, I need waterproof sunscreen for body too. I have already done with Long Keel Gel, which is not waterproof but water registrant. I had tried Anessa’s golden bottle, seems which is different formula in 2013 but not pretty big different from 2012, so, I chose this Allie Extra UV Protector, aka, UV Perfect Alpha. If I could, I wanted to have small bottle, but they were already sold out. This is a big bottle.

I wish you may find it is not gel but liquid. Please shake well before open it to apply. Inside of this bottle, there is a metal ball, when you move this bottle up and down, this ball shake two types of liquid well.


You do not need so much.

You can spread this on your skin easily.

You may not define where it is.

With water. Even there are no water dots, you may find where the sunscreen is.

I remember Allie’s this line—highly waterproof, and liquid item were stinky. But this formula of 2013, there are no perfume, and less smell of chemicals.

To be honest, I have not tried to apply this product on my face, and no motivate to do that. I afraid it makes my face pain.

I am happy to use this product for my body, and I will back to this series in 2014 too.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Kanebo Allie