Personal Review of Awake Vital Express V-Complex Mask (discontinued)

Awake Vital Express, the Vitamin C powder is one of the most ordered items.

There is also a sheet mask in Vital Express line. V-complex seems Vitamin C and B5 complexed cop-cell, according to Awake, this will help your tire skin and brightening.

OH! I thought it might be good for me, traveling is fun, but sometimes I feel really tired. This is the reason why I brought it to my vacation.

It was really watery essence, no, this is a lotion.

I applied it on my face. Please do not put those facial masks on your face too long. It can make your skin dry when lotion/ essence with evaporation.

I put cotton on a package and used the next morning :))

Anyway, how did I feel.

Awake tends to be a little bit stronger for me, but seems this Vital Express line is better. There are no sting. But I am not pretty much sure whether my skin was tired, or tired skin was getting better, or, brighten.

After removing this sheet mask, my skin was moisturized, but to be honest, I do not find the difference between lotion pack and this sheet mask.

This is my personal review, and to be honest, I do not think this is bad, but I doubt this is good item to pay a lot.

Just checking what other reviewers are saying “my dull skin is tuning brighter!, my pore is shrieked! Getting a supple face!” And this is a thin sheet, as you can see, and some says “because this is thin sheet, the essence is easy to be on my skin”. I did not apply so long mins, maybe 10 mins or something, some put it on their face so long, “this sheet is easy to dry”, as I had mentioned, do not wear those masks so long, it will also make your skin drier.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Awake Masks”.