Transino Medicated Whitening Facial Mask is an affordable sheet mask

I (Cherry) had been to vacation, and as you know, it is really dry in the hotels.

I brought some facial sheet masks to let my skin keep moist. Mostly, I brought Shiseido Benefique Mask Power Repair what I had already reviewed, and some other sheet masks.

First is Transino Whitening Facial Mask.

Transino Whitening Mask

To be honest, I was afraid of using this, for me, other products by Transino gave me sting on my skin. Anyway, let me use this.

I am not pretty much sure about whether you can see the quality of the sheet itself.

Transino Sheet Mask

Hmm, not pretty much “great” like Shiseido, yet it is also true that the price zone is different between Shiseido Benfique and this Transino. This is really affordable product.

The essence itself was really watery liquid. I just remind Taiwanese affordable sheet mask, “My Beauty Diary”, you may know that 🙂

There are no perfume, and that is what I like.

I applied it on my face, and there are no sting. When I used it, my skin was a little bit sensitive period. Maybe for me, when I use it my skin is fine, I do not think I will get any pain.

Of course I do not know, whether my skin will be getting brighten because of this sheet. I like it moist my skin well. Oh, I needed to tell you one thing: because of the essence was really rich and watery, I synced a cotton for one night, and the next morning, I used it 🙂

Please check the latest price, and order in JPY Branch!