Elegance Cruise Fine Color is adorable and affordable

Last year Elegance released new line of “Elegance Cruise”, one of the main items are Fine Color, mono color eyeshadow. It’s quantity is not pretty a lot, but it has good reputation as good quality with affordable price.

We also had many orders, to serve this affordable products with affordable price, we require your order with other Elegance products or four (4) eyeshadows in one order. Seems this policy is working well 🙂

I got a sample of some of them, let me show you my review and swatch of them.

In this palette, there are 3 colors, Elegance Cruise Fine Color is small quantity, and in this palette, seems the quantity is really few.

Elegance Cruise Fine Color

#S13, #S09, and #N09. According to Elegance, those three are best seller colors, and as I remember, it is true that we often get the order including #S13.

Let me show you on my arm. My “base “ makeups are Albion EXCIA AL CLEARLY WHITE SERUM MXElegance Sheer Flawless Skin & Albion Excia AL White Premium Powder Foundation


Hope you can see. The colors are the very same with what I had expected. But to be honest, I had not thought #S13 is so shinny!

Both #S13 and #S09 are with lots of glitters 😀 Do you like Glitters? Sometimes I like, but those glitters are bigger than my preference.

#N09 is nice. I applied few strokes and from my eyes, it is enough vivid, but in this picture not pretty much. #N09, itself has small and posh glitters.

Adorable 🙂

How do you combine? I LIKE makeup, but I also need to admit I am not good at choosing colors. I prefer quad or trio palettes. I know some, no most of you are much good at doing and if you love choosing colors, you may love them. The best point is they are really affordable price.

Please choose your favorite color from here: “Elegance Cruise Makeup for Eyes