I love Fancl products, but Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion (Formula of 2015) is not for me :(

We had chose Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion (Full Bottle!) as our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box, Box of Sep, 2015.
Fancl Whitening 2015

It had been decided since Aug, but it was also good for myself that my bad skin condition. Originally, I have been afraid of my red parts what is left by my super bad skin condition in this Spring, is coming to freckles. But it was Summer. For American or European, Japanese sunshine is not notable strong, in my personal experience, but if you are from Hong Kong or Mainland of China, you will be surprised how strong Japanese sunshine in Summer. I use sunscreens, but had thought brightening is a job for Autumn.

My first decision was Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion.

At first, I should better to mention about Japanese cosmetics’ brightening or whitening: they are not medicines, and they have less effect of removing freckles. They are helping to keep your skin flawless. So what? What I wanna say is simply that: do not expect you can remove your freckles by those cosmetics.

This Fancl Whitening line is also one of those. It is not the topic of how it works, and I also guess it is silly that translating what cosmetics companies are insisting. I am really tired to hearing “this product is working your genetic level…”(by French big cosmetic makers) or “you have heard about iPS…” things.

Cherry’s Review

What I chose was #2 Moist. For the customers, we had asked which type (#1 Light or #2 Moist) is for you. Still it was hotter on the mid of Aug, but I felt my skin is drier.


The lotion is transparent color.

This is a little bit sticky lotion. I can not describe as “toner”. Fancl is the brand, I often come back when my skin condition is pretty bad. I rarely feel sting by Fancl products.

But sadly, when my skin condition was pretty bad, I felt quite small irritation, what is gone quickly. Now, my condition is better, I feel nothing.


Apply emulsion after lotion.

Wash-lotion-emusion, this is a basic Japanese skin care method. Of course there are various method, but if you are trying to use Japanese skin care products, please remember the steps: wash-lotion-emulsion.

Talking with girls from other area, sometimes you are misunderstanding what you are lack of: water? oil? If your skin is not enough oil, it is pretty good to apply camellia oil or horse oil. But if your skin is lack of water, camellia oil or horse oil can not help you. Choose as your condition.

For me, now, I feel just my skin is tired by this whether, I just chose both lotion & emulsion for moist. The purpose is wrapping. If you are an oil prone, and really easily to have acne and blemishes because of oils, Fancl is not pretty much oily product, even in emulsion.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion.