SK-2 Facial Treatment Essence

I have hesitated to use SK-2 products, especially Facial Treatment Essence. My skin condition is quite good now, I thought it is a time to try new one. Mine is 75ml smallest one.


SK-2 is under an international mega maker of P&G, but it is researched & developed in Japan, and of course made in Japan.

People says there are some formulas for localisation but we are not sure whether it is truth. Anyway, what we deal are Japanese version, formula for Japanese.

This is the Japanese package.


Please pay attention, whether it is described in Japanese or not, and whether it is sealed or not.

When I applied on my face directly by my hands, I felt slightly stinging. Probably my skin is not tough.

As the recommendation by a friend of mine, I decided to use it with Avene Water.


I sprayed Avene on the cotton, at first. Secondly I took SK2 Facial Treatment Essence on that cotton.

I touched softly, I did not feel stinging.

Some says, it uses Cow Milk, and it makes Lactic Acid, what is also used for soften pealing. When your skin is not nice condition, pealing brings bad result.

When you feel strange, please stop using.

When your skin condition is better, and you do not feel strange, people says it is good for the pore care, moisturising, make your skin condition more better.

To be honest, I felt it is not enough to moisturising, but drying, also when the quantity is a lot, I feel stinging.

Sadly, this is not mine. It went to the lady who is working for me.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “SK2 line”.