IPSA Medicated Wrinkle Cream & Fancl Wrinkle Cream

In 2019, Fancl released (renewal?) Fancl Wrinkle Cream, I had less problem in wrinkles, but I was sick in couple of days in early of this year, I found some small creases are on my face. It was shocking.

I bought Fancl Wrinkle Cream, and in Jan 2020, Shiseido released IPSA Target Effect Advanced G (Medicated) for wrinkle. Shiseido often use perfume, but in IPSA brand, they rarely use artificial perfume. I bought new IPSA medicated wrinkle cream.

Let me share how I felt with using these two wrinkle creams.

Ipsa Fancl wrinkle cream

Both are no perfume products, and that is the very my favourite.

Hope you can see the texture, IPSA is melting and smooth, Fancl is a little bit harder than I had expected. Guess Fancl is a special care for problem parts, for me, small creases are not full of my face. On the other hand, the IPSA can be for full of your face.

IPSA is a medicated product, it is Retinol that the effective ingredient for wrinkles. Fancl is not a medicated product.

There is a note to using Retinol products, Retinol is difficult to be stable, and easy to be collapsed by sunshine. This IPSA Target Effect Advanced G (Medicated) is for night.

I was a little bit afraid that Retinol products are not fitting to my sensitive skin. But so far, I do not feel anything strange with using this product. One possibility is, I do apply IPSA wrinkle cream on my problems only.

I used them for my problem points, Fancl is for morning, IPSA is for night.

I feel my health and skin condition is much better. I could be a little bit fatter and less wrinkles now.

I can not say what is effective, but I liked both. I keep using them until the end of the tubes 🙂

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