Decencia Saeru Line is lighter than Ayanasu line

Here is my review for Decencia Saeru. Decencia is by Pola-Orbis, and this “Decencia” brand is for sensitive skin. “Decencia Saeru” is for brightening.

I bought a trial kit, but the Essence is going to change the formula on March, I do not write about the previous formula.

Generally, the texture of Saeru products are a little bit lighter than Ayanasu products. Brightening effect? I can not say anything. I say fortunately, there are neither stinging nor irritation.

Decencia Saeru Whitening Lotion Concentrate (medicated)

Ayanasu Lotion Concentrate is a kind of jell kind lotion.

Decencia saeru

In Saeru Lotion is more watery/ runny than Ayanasu. If you use Ayanasu Lotion, and it is too much for you, try to switch to Saeru. But if you are using Saeru lotion, and it is too light for you (me), Ayanasu Lotion is not medicated and no brightening factor.

For users of Saeru lotion, and if you prefer something lotions with brightening factor with more moisturising, probably change the quantity of the Saeru lotion or apply creams or other moisturising products heavier layer.

Please check the latest price and order from here: “Decencia Saeru Line”.

Decencia Saeru Whitening Cream Concentrate (medicated)

Ayanasu Cream Concentrate is less oily cream.

Decencia saeru

As a face cream, Saeru “cream” is quite light one, I felt it is not a cream, but a creamy gel. this cream is also less oily, and much lighter than Ayanasu Cream.

It may be because I prefer products with more oilier products, please note that I do neither say this Saeru is for oil prone, nor for those who has oily skin.

Fortunately there are no stinging, but I need note that Saeru is not for my favour of using on Feb. I should try them in the Summer.

Please check the latest price and order from here: “Decencia Saeru Line”.

Generally, “brightening” line are lighter than “moisturising” line

This is a general topic about Japanese skin care products.

In here Japan, Albion or other brands often have 2 lines as “moisture” or “rich”, and “whitening” or “brightening”. They are expected to change skin care products as the season. For heat and humid season of Summer, the “whitening” or “brightening” products are expected to use, generally they are lighter. For the drying and cold season of Winter, people prefer using more moisturising products.

Indeed, if you prefer using the products of brightening in whole a year, you can use them!

Or also, you can choose them as the texture of your favour!