Kanebo Twany WT Medicated Clear Emulsion 02 Moist is creamy but smooth

I (Cherry) got sample bottles of knob Twany WT Medicated Clear Lotion & Emulsion.

Lotion was #01 Light, and the same time, I got #02 Moist sample. Guess it may because of their stocks, I am sure 😀

The lotion was #01 Light, and I felt it was too light for my current skin.

Applying, I do not find the particular scent, probably, my nose is not good (because of the season), and after the stronger scent of Alcohol (the lotion’s smell).

Taking from the bottle, it was not easy. It is much harder emulsion than I had expected, and seems the full bottle is by pump style. I think it is good system for this “emulsion”.

On my face, this is much richer than I had expected. It is really creamy. Sticky? not sticky on my face. I was pretty well moisturized, but get so smooth.

For me, it is tot light for this season that the combination with Kanebo Twany WT Medicated Clear Lotion #01 Light and this #02 of emulsion.

Guess they would be better the combination of Lotion #03/ #02 and Emulsion #02.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Kanebo Twany WT Medicated Clear Emulsion” or in JPY Branch!