Kanebo TWANY WT Medicated Clear Lotion has the smell of Alcohol but no sting for me

Twany WT, WT means “White” or “Whitening”. Beside saying “Brightening”, we Japanese often say “Whitening” 🙂

Anyway, I (Cherry) got a sample bottle of Kanebo TWANY WT Medicated Clear Lotion.

There are three types:1: Light, 2: Moist, 3: Very Moist. And Japanese makers often set “whitening” (brightening) lines as for Summer. You may guess when I get this Kanebo TWANY WT Medicated Clear Lotion #01 light bottle. Yes, it was Summer. It suddenly turn to Autumn, and my skin condition was not “lovely” to use new items. Finally I can use this.

I found the stronger scent of Alcohol. I do not have the ingredients guide (I may through it away, and there are no information of ingredients on the net), checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, seems Vitamin C is for the “brightening” effect, but I am not pretty much sure, just remember “I found some bloggers are saying”.

Fortunately, there are no particular artificial perfume, that’s nice. To be honest, that the scent of Ethanol made me hesitate to apply on my face. I am not good at the items with ethanol, and sometimes I feel sting by brightening products.

The texture is more sticky than I had expected, and when I applied this on my legs I felt something “cool sensation”.


I applied this on my face, really a little bit, but there are no sting, nor itchy. 🙂 Better than I had expected.

However it is not nice to get something wired “cool sensation”, and it is too light for my current skin condition. Guess this will be for truly oily- combination skin, I am sure. Guess #02 or #03 will be for me.

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