Personal Review of Penelopi Moon Talisa

Hazelnuts is one of our proofreaders. They get our discount coupon, and we serve them discounted, or smaller sizes what we do not deal regularly. Due to the request of Hazelnuts of Philippines, we sent her a 30g, smaller size of Penelopi Moon Talisa, a bar face soap.

Penelopemoon Talisa

See how she felt.


I confess that I’m a die hard soap fan. I enjoy rubbing a good bar of soap in my hands, lathering up my face and rinsing it off afterwards. I love the “squeaky clean” feeling, probably because I have had oily skin since my teenage years. It’s the reason why I’m very much eager to try Penelopi Moon facial soaps. I’ve heard good things about it, and it seems popular as well.

01 Penelopi Moon Talisa

It has three variants, and I’m currently using Talisa, the green one— which is supposedly meant for dry/mature skin. Looking at the ingredients list, it has essential oils and herbal extracts with antioxidant properties — all natural. It also claims to be moisturizing.

I was expecting a strong scent the moment I opened the package because of the natural oils, but instead, I smell a very mild and pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering at all. Again I’m not allergic to strong scents in my skincare, so if you have a more sensitive sense of smell than I do, this might not work for you.

I have the 30g small size and it’s pretty thin, but sufficient enough for multiple uses. I find that this soap is pretty hard and it does not melt easily. I also think it looks cute because of the green color and the moon in the middle 🙂 it also comes with a foaming net.

02 Penelopi Moon Talisa

Talisa lathers very well. The foam is thick and rich, compared to regular facial soaps. Instructions says to lather it well and leave it on the face for a few minutes, like a facial mask. I find that the richness of the foam makes it easier to do this. It stays on very well until I rinse it off. My face does not feel tight or dry afterwards, but it’s not that moist either.

03 Penelopi Moon Talisa

I can tell that a soap is good based on how well it cleans my face, and how it keeps my skin clear. Yes, cleansing is a very important step—if your face is clean, it enhances the penetration of other skincare products and it makes the skin smooth. Although it doesn’t add moisture, this soap cleans and calms my skin— no makeup remover or residue left. After a few uses, my redness and small blemishes were reduced. I like that very much! As for its anti aging or antioxidant properties, I cannot say as of now because it probably requires long term usage to see the full effect.

People with oily and combination skin will appreciate this soap. It will also appeal to those who prefer natural skincare products. It’s a good facial cleanser and I find it very pleasant to use because of its rich foam.


Thank you Hazelnuts!

I need to admit when I obtained the soap from the official store, I was surprised. How thin it it!


I guess it may be made from the same long bar with 80g, the regular size.

Anyway, seems it is not a taste of mine, I have not used this soap yet by myself. Have you seen the picture of the rich foam? I had heard that it is rich, but hadn’t seen yet. Great!

Thank you Hazelnuts!

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