Wanna have Mikimoto?

Sometimes we have asked whether we can ship Mikimoto or not.


Anyway, in this time, I got a gift from my sister, she bought Mikimoto trial kit for me.


This kit is from Moon Pearl line.

Lotion (30ml), Recover Essence (already thrown away the paper, maybe 10g or something), and 2 sheet masks of Essence Mask LX.

Moon Pearl Moisture Rich Lotion 2

Mikimoto Moon Pearl Moisture Rich Lotion 2

Seems this is not including ethanol and what is good for me, who is an ethanol prone. Maybe #1 may including ethanol.

Mikimoto recommended to patting with cotton, but this thick lotion, I want to use my hands and just “push” softly.


There are no perfume, and I felt my skin was really moisturized. Liked it. I found the reason why you are asking us to ship to you.


Recover Essence

Mikimoto Moon pearl Recover Essence

I used this after my lotion.

It is rich, but smooth emulsion. Seems it is for making your skin supple, but I do not know whether it is working or not for me. My skin is well suppled.


Essence Mask LX

Have not opened it yet.

Mikimoto Sheet Mask

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