Personal Review of Shu Uemura Red Juvenus Enriched Lotion

I (Cherry) tried to use a sample of shu uemura Red Juvenus Enriched Lotion. I share with my personal review of this product.

I had thought it had been red colored, but actually it was transparent.

I love sea, and was fun to see “Sea Water” in ingredient.

It says “Gel type”, actually it was hick than most of other “lotion” especially “toner”. It was good for my drier skin. If you have oiler skin, you might have no need to use other product after it, especially at morning.

It has perfume, maybe hibiscus or pomegranate, it is not pretty strong, and I do not dislike it.

My skin sometimes feel sore, but there are no pain.

Wanna have it? Please ask us!