SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow was so wonderful

They are already discontinued as SS2017

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow is one of the best seller for us.

They are already discontinued, and we wondered whether we keep those articles or not.

But they were so adorable and wonderful products, we decided to make one article as historical record 😀

#21 yoiyanagi (bought in July 2016)

Anyway, I am feeling it is the time to buy new SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow for me, but not that one, but AW2015, E21 Yoihagi.

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow #21 Yoihagi

How adorable.

A: Soft Pink
B: Darker Pink
C: Khaki to Grey
D: Pinkish White (Cream)

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow

Let me show you the swatch on my arm.

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow #21 Yoihagi Swatch

A is QUITE soften, and hard to see on the picture above. D is Pinkish on the palette, but on my arm, it is white. I use this D as primer, but you can also use it as highlighter.

They are some of my makeup idea.

I guess SUQQU is setting C, Khaki – Gray color is an eyeliner, but I need waterproof eyeliners, I do not use this shade as an eyeliner.

The first idea, what I often wear.

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow #21Yoihagi Makeup

  1. Place D (Cream) on whole of my eyehole, and place it on your under eyes as sheerly line. Attention, do not spread on your under eyes, you will be looked like Donald Trump. Yeek. My recommend is write く on the nose side of your eyes
  2. Place A on your nose side to mid of your eye
  3. Place B on your ear side to mid of your eye
  4. Write a line by your eyeliner. I choose Burgundy to Brown.

Vertical shade 🙂

The second idea. Darker / Smoky one.

SUQQU #21 Yoihagi

  1. Place D on whole of your eyehole, and write a sheer line on your under eyes
  2. Place A on whole  of your upper eye lids
  3. Place C on your eye lids from mid to ear, and sheerly mid to nose
  4. Write a line by your eyeliner, Gray/ Brown/ Khaki. In this time, I used Grayish Brown.

I guess this second one will be good for Autumn to Winter.

#EX25 haruhinata (bought in Jan 2015)

This is more beautiful than I had expected. Ah, lovely!
SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow Haruhinata

#17 YOMOGIIRO (bought in Nov 2014)

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 17 YOMOGIIRO is one of the best seller among us.

I am using this color recently. You can see I am truly using this 🙂

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow Yomogiiro

Frankly to say, I dislike this small brush and a tip. (I always hope they remove it and make this palette more cheaper)

Let me show you the swatch on my arm.
SUQQU Yomogiiro

Ah. Beautiful, posh, and elegant small powder! I used SUQQU blend color eyeshadow Momoawayuki, which is limited for christmas coffers 2012. It was also beautiful, and posh. But to be honest, this Yomogiiro’s quality of the powder is MUCH better than Momoawayuki.

I often use simply applying two green colors on the lower. This brown is also for single use for me. It is a little bit difficult to use the left above. It might be high lighting, I am sure. When it is for my decorate or hair, it might be too small glitters.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite eyeshadow now.

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow #EX-21 Murasaki Suishou

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow #EX-21 Murasaki Suishou


#EX-20 Natsubotan bought in May 2014

SUQQU EX-20 Natsubotan
Whatta elegant pink!!!

in Christomas Makeup Kits

They often choose special version of this quad eyeshadow palette in Christmas Makeup Kits.

#EX23 Tsukianzu

Let me share with you my Personal Review of SUQQU EX23 Tsukianzu, which is from SUQQU Christmas Kit 2014 B.

Frankly to say, I had thought what boring colors. I found it was wrong with applying it. Let me share with my review and swatch of EX23.

SUQQU Tsukianzu 1

Let me share with you just swatch.


SUQQU Tsukianzu 3

Still I thought it is boring.

I tried gradation as one of the girls behind me’s tips.

SUQQU Tsukianzu 2

OH!! It is elegant isn’t it?

SUQQU Tsukianzu 4
I had thought nose is on the left side.

1)  2 on the whole. From the middle to the right, first, and one touch to the middle to the left (nose side).
2) Apply 1 from the left to the middle. and the left to above (eyebrow side)
3) 3 on under eyes and side face
4) 4 as eye liner

This is just our idea to make up this palette. I know there are so many number of the people who are much good at make yourself up.

The red palette is a lip. This is so posh on my arm!

#EX22 Yukiichigo


I was so excited to have this. What pretty palette it is!

Let me show you this on my arm.

SUQQU yukiichigo

This color is far from strong. So posh.

I tried to make a gradation.

SUQQU Yukiichigo

Succeed? Hmm.

SUQQU yukiichigo

I thought the left is nose side.

1) apply 2 from the middle to the right. and one tough to the left
2) applies 1 from the left to the middle,  and above
3) 3 on the under eyes and right side to above
4) 4 as an eyeliner

Lets compare the eyeliner of A & B

Both the palette, the left down is matte eyeliner.

The color is A is brown, B is dark brown. A has red, and B has no red. Both palettes are so useful to make you elegant!

in 2013

They sold out really quickly, and I could not use by myself 🙁

SUQQU Toyosakura

#EX19 Toyosakura

SUQQU Aohosi

#EX18 Aoboshi


This is also from the Suqqu Christmas Make-up Kit A
SUQQU momoawayuki

Momoawayuki, the special color for this kit.
SUQQU Momoawayuki
OK, Here is a swatch of Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Momoawayuki.
SUQQU momoawayuki



They are already discontinued. The current is SUQQU Designing Color Eyes