Penelopi Moon Junoa is well moisturized face wash

Hazelnuts of Philippines also purchased a face wash soap of Penelopi Moon Junoa.

She wrote for us a review, please see how she felt.

Review by Hazelnuts

I enjoyed using Penelopi Moon Talisa soap so I’m equally curious and excited to use Junoa, which, from what I understand, is made for sensitive skin.  (See also Hazelnuts’ Persoal Review of Penelopi Moon Talisa.)

The soap is orange in color, and it contains different herbal extracts and astaxanthin, which has good antioxidant properties.

Penelopi Moon Junoa 1

Its scent is similar to Talisa, which is mild and pleasant. The lather has an initial orange tinge to it which disappears as you bubble up.

I find that Junoa has a “softer” foam compared to Talisa, but nevertheless, it still lathers quite nicely; it just takes a bit more time to do it. The foam feels nice and cleans thoroughly. I love to use it as a mask pack— I spread the foam all over my face and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Penelopi Moon Junoa 2

I once washed my face with Junoa at night and did not use any skin treatment or moisturizer afterwards. My skin did not feel tight or dry at all, and I woke up with my skin feeling moist. I felt that this is more moisturizing than Talisa, considering that the latter is their “anti-aging” variant. Having oily skin, I felt that this soap is mild and soothing for my skin. Love the antioxidant properties too. I haven’t used it long enough to notice any brightening effect.

Because of effective cleansing (and other treatments), my skin feels smooth and even. I hardly have breakouts now!

Overall I’m a fan of Penelopi Moon, and it’s hard to choose between the two, but if pressed, I would choose Talisa because of its thicker lather and soothing properties. Junoa is a close second, because it feels more moisturizing.


Thank you, Hazelnuts!

Note by Cherry

This soap in including astaxanthin. I had a problem with Astalift, famous astaxanthin cosmetic. If you are a kind of me, I recommend to keep your steps away from this soap too.

Secondly, she loves to use this face wash as a mask pack. There are some people who spread foam of face washes whole of their face to keep few mins. It is the purpose that is cleaning their black pores.

She says she has oilier skin, and I have drier. I never recommend to do like her if you have drier skin like me. It will be your skin drier.

Choose items and method as your skin condition 🙂

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