Personal Review of Suqqu Whitening Lotion

I (Cherry) share with my personal review of Suqqu Whitening Lotion.

This lotion is a toner. To be honest, when I hear the term of “toner’, in person, I have a image of  a liquid item to put on the cotton, and wipe. If you want to use this whitening lotion, you may do that, but I like do by my hands.

It is thick liquid with few perfume. When you have problem with your nose, you could find nothing excluding the smell of alcohol.

To be honest, some items with alcohol make me feel pain, but in this time, I felt nothing. Some items of whitening or brightening items, they often included Kojic, but seems there are no kojic in this product. If you dislike the smell of the kojic, you may like this lotion.

After applying this product, my skin turned quite soft and well moist. As a lotion, this is not pretty bad.

Brightening effect… I tried this sample poach. I can not find anything different from before applying, of course.

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NOTE: This product is by Kanebo, and this was recalled.