THREE Treatment Cream moisturized my skin well

In SS2018, THREE released new line, “THREE”. I bought a trial kit, and today, I wanna tell you how I felt THREE Treatment Cream.

I had experienced with Balancing Cream, Concentrate Cream, and Aiming Cream. All of they are not bad, but too strong for me when my skin is tired. Indeed the scent is wonderful. THREE claims new line of “THREE” is for sensitive skin.

When I opened the cap, the scent of Laurel and Frankincense made me relax. Wonderful.


This cream is quite rich. On my face, maybe because of my body temperature, it was getting melting. It is a little bit oily product.  I liked this cream very much. It moisturized, especially by oil well.

I admit when I used other creams by THREE, I often felt faint hot flash, even my skin condition is not bad. There are no redness nor pimples, but not comfortable isn’t it? So far, there are no such irritation by this Treatment Cream.

It can be truly for gentle design, but I also need to tell you again (and again), Organic or Natural does not always mean to gentle. But I can not stop buying THREE products because the scent is great!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “THREE“.