THREE Treatment Lotion is a gentle lotion

In SS2018, THREE started to sell new line “THREE”, this THREE Treatment Lotion is one of the products on the “THREE” line.

I bought a trial kit, and please let me show you how I felt.

I had experienced THREE Balancing Lotion, Concentrate Lotion, and Aiming Lotion. Actually, Balancing had been sold often, used to be. I mean, it used often sold, but couple of years there are no placement of order.

Am not so much sure, but the scent of sweet rosemary and orange (much sweeten than the cleansing products in Balancing line), is easy to be gotten tired to use. And in person, it is too strong to use for my current skin condition. Concentrate & Aiming are wonderful scent but too strong for me too.

Generally, THREE is a unique brand who is focusing on Organic to be nice to nature, and good at combination of Organic products and technology, and wonderful scent. I can not stop trying once I had heard they are releasing new line for sensitive skin.

For Sensitive Skin!? MINE!

My skin condition is not wonderful but better.

In this time, I am using a cotton, use if you want to use simply by your hands, you can do that 🙂

THREE Lotion

The texture of Balancing is a little bit sticky, but in this Treatment Lotion, I am feeling it is lighter than Balancing. Guess this lotion is lighter, but it moisturise my skin pretty well.

When my skin is tired, recently I felt sting, but in this Treatment Lotion there are nothing so far, even my skin condition is not fabulous especially seeing the period (when I often feel irritation by many of the products ). I suppose this is a gentle lotion.

The scent is Laurel & Frankincense, and it is much much sweet than cleansing or emulsion. I am doubting that I would feel tired with the scent especially in the heat of summer 😀 On the view point of relaxation, scent of the makeup remover and the face wash is my favourite.

Anyway, it is a great moisturiser with wonderful scent to make  me fell relax. If you are feeling something sting or irritation with THREE lotions, and still want to have something with beautiful perfume, this THREE Treatment Lotion is I can suggest.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “THREE”.