Personal Review of THREE Purifying Clay Mask

In this Summer, I (Cherry) used “Three Gentle Nourishing Scrub“. From this Autumn to Winter, I thought it is too strong for me, I tried “THREE Purifying Clay Mask“.

This product is “Clay”, what is called “Kucha”. There are no information about where it from, but they say that are using “Kucha”, this is from Okinawa, Japan, I am sure. They mix this clay and coral powder to stick your old keratin.

Let me show you the way to use.

You may see this is truly dirt.

Spreading this on your skin. I wondered whether it is too little, but seemed this is no problem.

It dries quickly.

It is easy to remove by water.

I liked this product very much. I guess this is milder than scrub, I am sure. After applying this, I did not feel my skin turned so much dry. So, I do not worry about dry with this item, but I guess it is strong to use this product daily.

Frankly to say, I wondered why they add essential oil in this; there are the oils of Sandalwood, and Neroli (Orange Flower). I like the smell of the essential oils, and THREE’s both Concentrate and Balancing are pretty good smell for me. But when they are put into the dirt, I dislike the perfume. But usually people does not care. I am a person, who is keen to the smell.

But totally to say, I like this mild clay mask.

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