Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Apr 2014 “SUNNY SPRING!”

It was both cold and warm in here. But I am feeling the early summer is just coming.

Ah, I missed this sunshine!

Sunshine? Yes. We need sunscreens!

In this picture, they are truly from one of the girl’s cosmetic poach.

Allie Long Keep Gel, which was one of the best product I used in 2013. That is not only myself, but also this product has high reputation in here, Japan. I had thought Allie will change the formula, but they didn’t.

Kate’s Gloss is cute and cheap. The color is not enough like RMK, but they are fixed to Japanese skin. We do not deal this product regularly.

Blush is Lavshuca Happy Playing Cheek; OR-1. The reason why this blush is used, this is TRULY from the girl’s poach!

This is new one. This is cheap, but the powder is enough small! How sweet Lavshuca is! We Japanese girls are not always using high brand like SUQQU. We mix those cheap products and high products. This girl is using Lunasol eyeshadows. If you want to have this product, please try to ask us, custom order only now.