Happy 2nd Anniversary! We built a new main store!

In this May, 2014, it is our 2nd Anniversary. Thank you very much!

Before starting this store, I (Cherry) often shipped things to my friends living out of Japan, especially to States. One of the friends “Tulip” is friend of mine, we met in Europe, when we were students. She is an attorney in the States now, and she asked me to build an internet store selling Japanese items to abroad. It was not bad idea for me.

I asked some of my friends, yes, those friends are living in Japan, whether they had interest on this business. Some said yes. They are the very “the girls behind me”. I love cosmetics, but mainly skincare things. But some of the girls are really familiar with makeups. To be honest, I did not know the brand name of “ADDICTION” before starting this business.

We could keep dealing this store for 2 years. Thank you very much, each of the customers.

I was thinking what kind of event is the best to share my thank and happiness. One of the girls gave me an advice “server”. Yes, it was a headache for us that sometimes our customers shut down the server, we often cut the access from lots of weird bots, but the server seems too weak for our business.

It is the best time to change servers, or using specific service like in JPY Branch. We discussed using the same system of JPY Branch or not. That system is great, but we think using the same system is not enough for the risk management; shut down, or system error. So, we found better website host, Shopify.

On April, we discussed which brands are enough to keep dealing or not. Seemed our customers love most of the brands we are dealing, but few are useless for you. And we are going to deal new brands, of course they has high reputation in here, Japan.

Please also love our new main store; store.cherryscosmetics.com.

Do not forget the JPY Branch, which is for Asian, Russian, Germany and Italian;  cherryscosmetics.net

Of course I am going to keep blogging about the personal product review in here.

Thank you very much again, our customers, our friends, the “girls”, and our superb proofreaders! I could not run this business without any of you!

All the best, and thank,