POLA B.A Protector

I got a sample of POLA B.A Protector.

This is a a day cream for face and décolleté. SPF50・PA++++ is fair.
pola ba protector

Let me apply it on my arm. The sunscreen is a white cream, there is a fait scent.

pola ba protector on arm

It was really easy to spread on my arm, and fortunately there are no white cast or something on my arm.

pola ba protector blend

I spread water on the sunscreen.

pola ba protector with water

There are no waterproof effect, but you may see it is not getting “ugly white”.

Fortunately, there are no sting I feel.

The product itself is a good product, but you know, there are many “great” sunscreens with waterproof effect, without let me feel irritation, and affordable price. Nice is nice, but not beating to other sunscreens.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: ”POLA B.A Protector”, or in JPY Branch