Quick Sharing of ADDICTION Holiday Addiction Romantic Mind Kit

We are sharing with you the pictures of Holiday Addiction Romantic Mind Kit, aka ADDICTION Christmas kit 2013.

There are no paper nor plastic boxes for this kit. There is a pouch inside of a plastic package.

All of the items are inside.

Because of the postal regulation, we rid the nail polish of. We donate it.

So, the shipped items are above.

Ready to Wear Eye Palette 101 Romantic Mind

Actually the lower right white is not white, it is whitish pink. But other colors are not pretty different like this color.

Example of the shipment

Because there are no plastic nor paper bags, we wrap very carefully.

Palette is bubble wrapped twice.

Tubes are sealed by “masking tape”, this is for not leaking. You can remove this tape easily, and no/ less damage in the tube, we are sure.

Tubes are also bubble wrapped.

Both packs were in the package. We do not know there are enough this pink package or not. Anyway, we will wrap things carefully in other way.

In this time, pink package could in the pouch. But it was too fat to use the original plastic pack, we just bubble wrap it again. When the package is too fat to use this poach as a cushioning, this pouch will be inside of the original plastic bag, and we will wrap that pink package by paper.

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