Quick Sharing of ADDICTION Tough Love

ADDICTION Makeup Kit 2015


It was really busy with shipping & obtaining recently. Thank you!

Finally I could open my ADDICTION Tough Love. Ah so rock and so sweet… Seems we shipped on 7th of Dec are delivering to the customers who ordered this.

Wanna have this? Sorry, it is too late. Please keep your eyes on our store: store.cherryscosmetics.com

We had a question about a customer. Which colors Ayako the director of ADDICTION Choosed?

The eyeshadows, they are not new colors.

ADDICTION Makeup Kit 2015 Colors

A 004P Cigarette
B 064M Chocolate Factory
C 015M Age of Innocence
D 051P Meeting at Dome

See ADDICTION The Eyeshadow

Seems the blush is new and limited. In my eyes, seems ADDICTION Blush 24 Fall in Love is not pretty much far from this.

Haven’t used the lip yet (no time to make myself up now.) I had thought this is Lip Glaze, but seems not. But Seems Lip Glaze 002 Queen of Hearts is also beautiful dark red (yet this Lip Essence is more darker).

Hope it is useful for you!