Cosmetics what I use for Dec 2015 to Jan 2016

Hi! It’s Cherry. Because I was too busy to describe this Beauty Diary, I found I forgot to describe what I am using recently.

I am using Cosme Decorte AQMW Elegance Cruise Kit, aka 2015 skin care coffers of Cosme Decorte AQMW.

Cosme Decorte 2015 Elegance Cruise Kit

I LOVE THIS KIT!!! I have using this for more than one month, and I am almost done with some of this. I need to run to buy this skin care kit by AQMW this year too. (Do I need to buy extra sets for my own use?? :D)

It is so true that the scent of Sandalwood (AQMW skin care line has this scent) is quite strong, and I can imagine many hate this perfume. But for me, I love this Sandalwood perfume. I LOVE it.

My skin condition is really good. The red part of my cheek? Oops, I forgot to take the picture. I went to my dermatologist about it. She told me that “do not mind it, this is the best solution, and do not touch this area” Oh.

She also told me that my skin condition is good, and keep moisturized well, and shut sunshines out to keep this condition 🙂

And have you checked our new flickr? @cherryscosmetics of flickr is ours. You will see our pictures in there too!