Personal Review of Fancl Oil Mist Flower Cocktail

Finally I can review for you Fancl Oil Mist Flower Cocktail.
Fancl Briliant Synagy Kit

Flower? Cocktail?? You have no need to think about the name of this product. “cocktail” means, use this on the final of you routine, that’s all 🙂

If you have trouble with opening the cap of Fancl, please see the emulsion part of  Personal Review of Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion (Formula of 2015).

Let me show you.

You need shake the bottle at first, In this photo, it is hard to see, but it is 2 zoned product. Shake=cocktail, they named, I am sure.

Fancl Oil Mist

Apply this on the final of your skin care routine.

I am using HABA Night Repair Jelly recent few days. HABA recommends to use their Squalene oil, besides using that oil, I am using this Fancl. In this photo, I took it on my palm to show you. Usually I spray directly on my face.

HABA is really sticky, and after few hours passed, just before my sleeping, I spray this on my face.

Fancl is basically no perfume. But they say in this spray, there is poshly weak scent of Lavender. For my nose, without using strong perfumed items like Albion or AQMW, I can not feel anything.

I know some people are worrying about this oil mist makes your skin sticky. For me, my texture afterward is just smooth. I am really happy with this.

It is Jan, in here, it is the driest, and coldest season in my area. Hope this oil will help my skin well moisturized!

This is from a kit for this winter, but Fanl is selling this product only as limited product.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Fancl Oil Mist Flower Cocktail