Quick sharing of Lunasol Summer Kit 2016

We just obtained Lunasol Summer kit 2016. We will ship this tomorrow, and we may get another too. Still there are quite, quite few what we made sure, please order us ASAP! Oh, do we need to rise up the price? hmm. We do not change the price cheaper, if you wanna have this, order now 🙂

Let me show you.

The double coloring lips is more beige than I had expected. Recent couple of years, vivid red was on the mode, but seems the beige lips are returning. I like coral in person 🙂
Lunasol Summer Kit 2016

Here is the eyeshadow.

Lunasol Three Dimentional Eyes

I like Lunasol, but sometimes their glitters are too bigger than my preference. Seems the big glitters are less, maybe “a” in A and D on the guide below.

Lunasol How to makeup

This guide above is on the back of the box.


The powder is also beige.

Lunasol Powder

Here is the poach.


Do you wanna have them?

Order us now from here: Lunasl Limited SS2016