Quick Sharing of THREE Winter Dust

We have asked to a girl in Tokyo to book, pick, and bring THREE’s holiday kit, Winter Dust. Finally we got this kit, and just shipped all of them. Let me share with you the pictures. Sorry, there are no swatches, we do not obtained this kit for ourselves.

And at first we have to apologize the quality of the pictures. They were taken at night, because of so many things we had to ready to ship, we had to do in night.


Actually the colors are different from the picture. Left is categorized as dark purple or burgundy. Right is categorized as pink to lavender. MUCH beautiful than the picture.

Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils

09 Chile of the moon

This color is seems lavender with elegant glitters.

10 The Prettiest Star

Seemed gold color.


This pouch is one of the most useful pouches in this season, we are sure! But sorry, seems we forgot to take enough pictures!

Example of the shipment

We wrap the box.

Wrap again!

If you are looking for THREE’s kits, they are so limited, and it is often hard to obtain. If you wanna have those limited, please visit here; Limited & Seasonal.

You can find this eyeshadow on here: THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo