SUQQU Pure Color Blush is posh and made my face looks ruddy complexion

#03 Sumiasayake

I just bought SUQQU Pure Color Blush #03 Sumiasayake, what is AW2016. I am not pretty much sure the reason why, all of Pure Color Blush is quite hard to obtain now, but no worries, the regular colors will be restored, sooner or later. We have long line of our customers who are waiting for each of the color. I also waited.


How beautiful!

The gradation is somehow different from each of the product.

Anyway, let me apply this on my arm. I had applied those products.


Because of the gradation, I had applied both vivid side and sheer side.

It is pretty hard to see, but in my eyes, there are quite small and few glitters on my arm, and it will be from this blush.

Of course this color is artificial, but applying on my face, it is so natural and posh. It looks like as if am slightly flushed.

I feel blushes are essential for “Natural Makeup”. I know most of the audience knows how “Natural Makeup” means. But I also know there are few of you are thinking “Natural Makeup” means lazy makeup. No. “Natural Makeup” means super elaborate makeup. It is the very must step that is flawless skin, even you have lots of freckles. However when you use full coverage foundations, or with concealers to hide your problem, sometimes your skin is looks like a doll, in bad meaning. You need to add blushes to make you look lively and healthy.

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#07 Tsuyasatsuki

It is #07 Tsuyasatsuki that is the very the most ordered. And we needed to wait for a long queue to obtain, even for us. This one is also for a lady who is working for us, kindly, she allowed  me to take swatch photo.

#03 Sumiasauake, it is already went to one of the ladies behind of me, and I can not swatch #03 and #07.

suqqu 07

The significant difference of #03 and #07 is the most sheer part (light of the palette) of #07.

Let me show you the swatch.


Yes, it is a kind of pinkish high lighter.

And #03 is a little bit more coral and probably more vivid than #07. Both are really beautiful.

If you felt #07 is too sheer, why don’t you change the brushes? I used #03 by blush brush, but I chose sweep /smudge brush (for eyes) for the swatch of #07. I did several swatches by blush brush for #07, but it is really hard to see. Of course it is really posh when I applied on my cheeks.

Anyway, what I wanna say is you can control with your blushes.

Can you see?

#07 Tsuyatsubaki

In the center, I applied its vivid side, and I swept the edges by the sheer side.

And I guess it is really hard to see the small and posh glitters, ah, so beautiful!

Please do not forget blushes if you want to make yourself a healthy 🙂

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#06 Harusumire


#06 Harusumire is also one of the best seller, and we also need a long line to obsession. This is also the one for the lady who is working for us. She also allowed me to swatch.

They claim the color is dusty rose & violet, in my eyes, the combination of coral/ salmon pink & whitish blue.

Here you are.

harusumire swatch

Swatch from the sheer to the vivid side. I also used the sweep/ smudge brush to show you.

In the palette itself, this pink is a kind of coral pink/ salmon pink, but on my skin, it is neither coral nor salmon, but blue-pink, and the mid of the side is really beautiful whitish pink. The right is the very light color, and it will also works for the highlighter.

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Double swatch of #06 & #07

Can you see well? It is really difficult to take these photos for us!

I applied on my arm from the sheer side, mid, and the vivid of both #06 & #07. The same swatch with under the different color tone.

SUQQU swatch ASUQQU Swatch B

From the sheer side. I am not sure whether you are finding, I felt the #06 is more pail than #07, but in my eyes, #07 has more glitter on the sheer side.

The mid. #06 is faintly pink, but in #07, it is no/ less difference from the vivid side.

The vivid side. In my eyes, #06 is a little bit “dusty” pink than #07.

Both are beautiful 🙂

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