Shade Swatch of Albion Foundations

Albion Tight Film Foundation (#040 & #050), Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation (#NA201) and Albion Excia AL Cool Emulsion Foundation VX (#NA211)

Tight Film Foundation is more and more melting than other.
Albion foundations

!? Did I applied the same 040 on my arm??

I tried again.
Albion Shade swatch again


OK, I focus on each colors.

#040 & #NA201

040 & NA201

In the picture, I am afraid of you do not see the difference clearly. I guess #NA201 of Superior Cream Foundation is Full coverage and #040 of Tight Film is middle coverage, maybe because #040 is the very the shade of my arm neck. The shades are not quite different. In my eyes, I felt #040 is a little bit lighter than #NA201. #NA201 is pinkish.

#NA201 & #050

NA201 & 050
NA201 & 050 2

In the pictures, it is not pretty big different between #NA201 & #050 again. #040 & #050 are so different…

#NA201 is the middle shade of between #040 & #050. #040 is more likely shade to my arm of today.

In my eyes, #050 has more yellow shade than #NA201. And Superior Cream Foundation has less shining by lighting, but the Tight Film is easy to shine by the lighting. Tight Film is natural to glow finish on my arm.

050 & NA211

050 & NA211
#050 & #NA211 are totally different shades. The finish is the significantly different. Tight Film #050 is glow.

I am feeling Albion tends to be pinkish in their foundations, and #NA211 is not only pinkish but also much darker.

It was interesting result for me πŸ™‚ Hope it will help you.

・Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation
・Albion Excia AL Cool Emulsion Foundation VXΒ 
・Albion Tight Film Foundation

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