THREE Balancing Complexion Lip Oil made pigmented lips pinkish!

Hazelnuts of Philippines bought THREE Balancing Complexion Lip Oil D/B for herself. She wrote us about this lip  care item. See how she felt 🙂


I’m an avid user of lip balm during night time, because I believe that the lips also need to “repair” during sleep. I normally stock on the colorless ones which I apply before going to bed.

Naturally, I was intrigued when THREE released the Balancing Line Lip Oils. They are marketed as lip treatments, as opposed to the lip oil trend started by YSL— that released lip oils/gloss and marketed them as makeup. Anyway, I love a good lip treatment so I gave it a try!

THREE Balancing Lip Oils come in two variants— C/R is for pale lips, while D/B is for dark, drooping lips. Mine is a bit on the pigmented, dark side, so I chose the latter. It is made from essential oils of frankincense, lavender, bergamot, jojoba, and many more, and it also comes with a special bulb-like applicator meant to be massaged all over the lips.

Three Lip oil 2

The container is tiny as it is, I was really surprised when I saw the actual product! And the liquid inside is colorless, non-sticky, with a slight herbal scent, as with all THREE products.

Three lip oil 3

THREE says to apply the lip oil using the bulb applicator, pressing gently towards the lip lines and contours.

My lips are not so dry, but I feel that this isn’t as moist as a lip balm, but still I can use it alone as an overnight lip treatment and not complain about flaky lips in the morning. If you have drier lips, better apply this first, then seal the moisture with lip balm.

After using this regularly, I noticed that my lips look more pinkish. Not rosy, but slightly pink. So I guess it does work. I normally use a lot of lipsticks so I don’t want my lips to look pale. This works well enough because it makes my lips look naturally pink.

I will continue to use this as I feel it’s an excellent addition to my night time routine. If you have pale lips, the C/R variant will be a good choice. I only wish it comes in a bigger size, but a little does go a long way, so the small bottle will definitely last for a month or so.

Thank you very much, Hazelnuts!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: THREE Balancing Complexion Lip Oil, or order in JPY Branch!