Wanna hide your freckles without concealers?

I had told you that it is brush that is good way to hide your red parts on the cheeks. Yeah, that’s me.

Talking with people, I found there is also a demand of no blushes, no concealers, just foundation or BB creams not “makeup” but hide their freckles with natural makeup…

OKOKOK. You are confusing a lot, and too demanding! But I understand.

At first you are confusing what Natural Makeup is. Natural Makeup is not easy way. It is emphasis your natural beauty, but it is not meaning you do not need techniques. It is the most hardest!!!

I strongly recommend to use blushes, what is not strong color. It is super odd to seeing people with foundation only. They are looking like dolls in bad meaning. If you wear strong pink lips only without good foundations, it looks like “professional”, of course it is a bad meaning, and if you do not understand what I am meaning, please skip it. Anyway, if you wanna be looked like a naturally healthy by makeup, do not forget blushes. For Asian, posh orange would be making you look naturally healthy.

Oops, today it is not the topic of blushes.

Anyway, concealers.
I also understand how annoying applying concealers, and sometimes when it took time, yeah, in evening, you may see some people there are pin-pointed white parts on the face. It is ugly. They used concealers.

It is super difficult to use concealers effectively for me. I have some concealers, but now I rarely use them. What a lazy, yeah…

Let me show you this picture.
Albion Tight Film Foundation

As my preference, Albion Tight Film Foundation #050 is too dark. But it hides pretty well my problems. This is one of the solutions for lazy people (like me).

Imagine, there are some professional female sports players, like Kimiko Date (tennis player), or Homare Sawa (soccer player), they are running (maybe ) almost 365 days per a year. And because of the sweat, they are not wearing makeup. They MUST have lots of freckles by sunshine! But they are not emphasized in the pictures. Why? They are tanned. It is also what I felt in this Spring. I used brightening items by Ignis, and I felt my problem parts were emphasized. It could be because my fine parts are getting brighter, it emphasized the difference of the colors.

We are dealing lots of foundations. Are you wondering which is the best for you?

I had wrote this article too, hope it helps you.

Which is the best quality foundation?