Personal Review of Transino Medicated Whitening Essence EX

Transino Medicated Whitening Essence EX is a brightening cream with Tranexamic acid.
Transino 3 days kitTransino essence
Yes, they are saying this as “essence”, this product is not for your problem parts, but for whole face, after the lotion.

Cherry says

As I had mentioned the lotion, I felt sting by lotion. How about this cream?

This cream also has no perfume, and they say this is good for sensitive skin. This cream is not pretty much heavy for me. If you are oilier than me, you will feel it is too heavy, but if you are combination, I guess this is good for you. But for dry skin, I doubt it is too light for you.

Sadly, I felt sting when I applied this on my face. I may be too sensitive to use. It was gone with few seconds, but it is uncomfortable for me. Ah, I often feel sting with brightening items. I need to keep away from this Transino, with good reputation, sadly.

Sarah of says

Cherry asked Sarah of Hong Kong to help review this product.

transino essence

Let’s hear how she felt.

Very surprising to me that the essence looks like what I’d call cream. It is very different from the sticky, transparent type of essence I often use that is mostly from Europe and the U.S. (I believe).

Anyway, this essence at first looks quite thick and can’t stand quite firmly on my hand. But it is very easy to push and it feels so smooth on my skin. I’m not sure about the moisturizing part but I guess as long as this product does whitening well, I shouldn・t complain. I can’t tell for sure abou the long-term effect as it takes time, but just like what the clear lotion does, the essence does not disappoint me in brightening up my skin.

Thank you Sarah!

It is true that I also surprised that this Essence is White Cream, and Cream is transparent 🙂 And glad to know it also works for her skin brightening up!

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