Personal Review of Transino Medicated Whitening Clear Lotion

Finally I can write a review of Transino! It was so tough month the Oct was. No worries. Everything is OK for us now.
Transino 3 days kit

What is Transino?

Anyway, Transino.

When we Japanese beauty monster girls hear the name of “Transino”, we remind a medicine for Chloasma, a kind of freckles on your face. I am not a dermatologist, I do not talk about Chloasma things, please do not ask me about it, OK?

On that medicine “Transino”, now the newest formula is called as “Transino β…‘”, it contained Tranexamic acid , according to the maker of Transino (Daiichi-Sankyo, one of the biggest drug companies in Japan), this acid is good for Chloasma. I have not used this yet, because my problems are mainly by sun and scar marks, it maybe called as pigmentation or chromatosis.

This Transino Whitening Clear Lotion is a lotion including Tranexamic acid . They are selling as “brightening”, but seems it may good for Chloasma.
Transino Lotion

The method

Their method is after your face wash, apply this lotion, essence (I will show you later), and use a night cream. That cream is only for night. It is really simple method. And the price is really affordable!

According to them, they recommend to use cotton to apply this lotion.

The cotton is by Albion.

How does Cherry feel?

Seeing the ingredients, they are using ethanol. I am sensitive to ethanols, but there are no sting for me. It is happy for me that there are no artificial perfumes, and according to them, their formula is good for sensitive skin.

But after I applied the essence, what I will tell you, I got few pain. I do not know whether it was by this lotion or essence. My pain was gone really quickly. I tried this again, and I got flash by this lotion, but it was also gone quickly.

My skin was moist pretty well, and I liked the finish. I do not recommend this for oily skin. It will be too much for you.

Totally to say, if you have stronger skin than me, and looking for something good for Chloasma, this may good for you. I often feel sting (gone with few seconds) by brightening items, and I feel this is not fun for me. As long as there are brightening items with less sting, I should better to use them, sadly πŸ™

Review by Sarah

Sarah of Hong Kong is a person who is keen to the brightening.


Cherry asked her to help review this product.

As she said:

The lotion is watery and transparent just like many other lotions, but on application surprisingly it is very moisturizing! My skin absorbs it very quickly and feels very comfy and well moisturized. As for the whitening effect, honestly I don’t know about the long term effects because I am now only using the sample, but the lotion certainly has a quick brightening effect on my skin.

OH! In person, this is not for me (Cherry), but seems it is good for Sarah. Yes, as I had told you, this is the product for the person who has stronger skin.

Thank you Sarah!

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