Beauty Diary: Checked my skin condition on a counter

I went to a counter to check my skin condition. It was the first time since this early Autumn crush.

On the conclusion first, I still have supple face, but poor circulation. There are lot’s of melanin pigments. Oilier, but less water.

I wear sunscreens everyday, but when I feel really tired and powerless, I often stay my sunny garden (for few mins). Sunshine is good to cheer me up!  To be honest, I like being burned for few mins by sunshine. Ah… I was tanned.

I asked the BC about the black points on my cheeks, the blue circled area.

In my eyes, it rarely see, but in this picture, it is really ugly… She told me, she was afraid they are quite small freckles in my pore area. Those pores are dull pores (!!), but I have supple skin, they are not pretty big deal now. What she worried was my poor water level and poor circulation, those small freckles can be bigger: plans are made by points. It is an ABC of Geometry. I have less power to make new skin. Her recommend was water, water, and water.

I had to admit I had less attention to pouring water to my skin, recently. How to pour water to my skin?

Lotion pack! There are some samples of lotions what are waiting for my reviews. It is the time to do now. My skin is better condition now.  I guess I can try some new products!