One idea to use splashing pump foundation bottles

There are many shapes of cosmetics. Let me (Cherry) talk about liquid things in this time.

In liquid/ fluid foundations, they are often be bottled in a bottle and a cap, like ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation. In other hands, Lunasol or THREE, they are in pump style bottles.

I prefer pump style bottles, in person, especially on the point of hygiene. Cosmetic companies (like Paul & Joe used to recommending to do for their primers yeek!) sometimes tell us the way to use, just open the cap and put your thumb and keel the bottle to apply, and that’s unacceptable for me, in person. (I know some of you will be comfortable with doing, but this is just a personal behavior, and I can not change. Thank you for your understanding, in advance!)

I use one bottle of lotion/ emulsions per a month, but I can not have done with one bottle of foundation per a month! I sometimes change foundations up to my skin condition.

But I also need to admit there are some pumps splashing things widely when there are quite few were left in the bottle. Yes, it happened in Lunasol. I had already changed my clothes, and I need not only change clothes, but also need to wash! Alas!

There is one idea.
Open the pump cap, and use just like a bottle with a cap. It will take for less than one week 🙂