Shade Swatch of Lunasol, ADDICTION, Excia AL & THREE Foundations

We gave Lukin some foundation samples. There are some swatch and review by Lukin. Listen what she is saying.

ADDICTION Dewy Glow foundation & Lunasol Skin Modeling Watercress Foundation


Addiction – Dewy Glow Foundation – #No. 03

Better for someone with dry skin or just a light touch of foundation. the *dewy glow* on oily skin would look greasy – not dew. In the photo you can see the foundation looks like it has tiny bubbles. Not shown – I tried to blend this foundation. It was smeary – cannot recommend.

Lunasol – Skin Modeling Water Cream – #OC02
When I test the Lunasol, the foundation was o thin (liquid-like) that I was worried the coverage would be very sheer. No – it was a smooth application. The foundation felt creamy but not thick. Thin consistency like many foundations – good coverage. Not for a beginner.

Thank you, Lukin. I (Cherry) didn’t know how dark Lunasol #OC02 is. #YO02 is also a standard shade for Japanese, and that is my shade, but it is more yellow than #OC02.

Albion Excia AL Superior Cream foundation & THREE Flawless Cream Foundation

Albion & THREE

Albion Excia AL Superior Cream foundation #NA201
THREE – Flawless Cream Foundation #203

Albion – I really like the feeling of this foundation. It felt luxurious — (maybe even felt “expensive”??) The name doesn’t say GEL it swatched more like a gel based foundation. A bit slippery and seems heavier than it is.
It takes less product for good coverage. Also I was excited when I opened this sample. I thought it might be light and pink on my skin – nope πŸ™‚

In the photos, to my eye, the Albion is a little more pink than the THREE

THREE – Not much to say, was very *normal*. Like many other foundations.

Thank you!

To be honest, I(Cherry) haven’t tried THREE Flawless Cream Foundation yet. I prefer sheer – middle coverage foundations, and Lukin told me that she likes middle-full coverage foundations, so I gave her THREE’s cream foundation, and I kept THREE’s Fluid (liquid) foundation for myself.

That’s right. Albion, especially Excia AL is a little bit pinkish for my eyes too.

ADDICTION Dewy & THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation

There are no Lunasol foundations we have now, so I can not show you on my arm. There are still ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation #NO03 and THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation #203. Let me show you on my arm.

For me, both are runny products.

Reading what Lukin reviewed, I wondered is ADDICTION with small bubbles?
Hmm, I applied on my arm, and there are no such bubbles as Lukin had shown.

It might be the reason, I am dry skin, and guess Lukin has oilier skin than me. For me, Dewy Glow foundation is not oily product. So we can not recommend ADDICTION Dewy Glow foundation for oily skin.

THREE Fluid is my favorite one sheer finish is my taste. You can see ADDICTION is also sheer, but I do not prefer its bottle. There are pump in THREE, but not in ADDICTION. That’s all. Simply, this is the only one reason why I bought THREE Fluid or Lunasol Liquid, but haven’t bought ADDICTION πŸ™‚

Anyway, the shade. I thought THREE #203 is natural to Japanese skin, and I had used this shade for myself. But comparing with ADDICTION, ADDICTION is lighter shade. I had asked by one customer, she was looking for sheer finish “light” foundation, and the shade must be one torn lighter than standard shade. She was interested on THREE Fluid, and I recommended THREE #202 (but haven’t tried yet for myself). She liked THREE, but she may also like ADDICTION, and the shade would be #NO03.

I would show you the swatch with THREE #203 and Albion #NA201 pretty soon. To be honest, I took photos, but because of the lighting, I don’t satisfied. It is not sunny recent few days in here. I will do when the sun comes again πŸ™‚

Anyway, if you wanna have those products please order from here: