We have successfully done with upgrading!

Dear Customers,

Since 16th, we were QUITE busy. Our routine shipment, ordering, and obsession etc, and change our domain name registries and servers.

It may take for extra few hours/ days to sink our new information all of the internet world. Still there are somethings we wanted to fix for years, we are doing few by few.

We guess it look the same (and it is getting a little bit simple), but could you feel the speed of showing?

IT IS QUICKER! and we guess this is more stable. It was so sad for us we often got 500 error (server busy). And it was also frustrated for me when I had written articles, the dashboard was slow. On the view point of security, we chose a server having good reputation about security.

Hope you can enjoy our blog with less frustrated!

All the best,
Cherry’s Japanese Cosmetics

We are planning to new campaign on June. We have not decided yet whether we do open campaign or subscribers of newsletter only. If you had business with us in this 12 months, and not subscribe our newsletter yet, please ask us to send you invitations.