When Japanese girls change foundations? and how?

We had a question from a customer, she bought Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation and Excia AL Moist Emulsion Compact VX. She likes them and recently asked us the difference between Cool Emulsion Compact VX and Moist Compact.

I understand her question, whether the Cool thing is for summer, and for oily skin. If you find  “Cool” “White” thing in the foundation names, it means they are for SS.

But I also think if she would have an oily skin, she would NEVER feel both Superior and Moist are good for her.

I just UNDERSTAND, but I know these questions are a little bit meaningless, it is depending on each people, skin condition, and preference.

I guess I should tell you when and how actually Japanese girls change foundations, and how we choose.

As Albion designs and I felt. I have not tested Moist Premium Powder Foundation.

Type Season Easy to get deterioration? For Oily skin?
Superior Cream Cream All Season Less, but up to your skin I do not think
Moist Emulsion Emulsion Autumn-Winter Less, but up to your skin I do not think
Cool Emulsion Emulsion Spring-Summer Less, but up to your skin I do not think
Moist Powder Powder Autumn-Winter Less, but up to your skin Maybe you can use
Cool Powder Powder Spring-Summer Less, but up to your skin Try worth

note: As I remember, I have not tried Moist Premium Foundation

Tried to compare Emulsions

It was funny, when I applied Moist Emulsion compact for my left half of my face, and Cool Emulsion for my right half of my face.

I walked for 2 hours or so under “nice” whether of 20C degrees, sunny day. I did not sweat really a lot, and I found my both of makeup were not coming off. I can not compare. Sorry!

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Actual Cases

Case of Oily Skin

One of the girls behind me, aka Tokyo girl, she has an oily skin. Her favorite is always powder foundation, and it is truly the tendency of Japanese girls in 20s.

As I had repeated Lancome powder foundations, she repeats Dior powder foundations. She is not using Albion (just because her preference, and less reason ), and Dior also has several types of powder foundations in Japan. I asked her that when she changes foundations (or not).

According to her, she does not change foundations every seasons. She likes Snow White, and she uses it all season, but according to her, this is for Spring-Summer.

She also love to use face powders too.

Case of Albion Chiffon Repeater

Another girl I know her for a decade, seems she does not has oily skin, and she is a repeater of Albion powder foundations, but not Excia AL, but Chiffon. She is repeating Chiffon for years, and she feels it is fitting for her skin. According to her, Excia AL is great, but not great as pushing her to switch.

Seems she changes foundations every seasons. She said she buys least 6 refills per a year, she buys “what the store pushes”, there IS difference, but not pretty big. It is the biggest reason that it is not easy to buy “another” type, they often have no/ less stocks of another, namely when it is July, they push Chiffon for SS/ Cool Powder, and less stock of Chiffon for AW/ Moist Powder.

In my eyes, it is true that I doubt her foundation is fitting to her, seems her skin is too dry to use powder foundation now. But it is easy to carry to her office, and useful. As long as she is satisfied, these powders are for her 😀

She uses powders because they are useful, and changes as easy to get.

Case of “Albion girl”

Here is a case of “Albion girl”, who is a repeater of Superior Cream Foundation. Seems she does not change foundations every seasons. It is more humid than Europe, but less than Hong Kong. She drives cars to go, and being “comfortable” temperature for all seasons. Unlike me, she does not sweat a lot ( I do as if I had a shower ), she does not need to worry so much her makeup is running.

Her skin type is normal to dry.

My case

My skin type is sensitive, and combination to dry.

In my 20s, I repeated Lancome powder foundations, but I did not change. Because those days the PA/ SPF degrees were different, as I remember, I preferred stronger PA/SPF items, it is for Summer things.

Recently, after I started this business, I get really, really lots of foundations samples. Of course we send our customers (paid customers only and as their request), but I think I need to review them for you. My skin is sensitive, but fortunately I have never gotten something problem with those “high class” foundations.

I rarely choose cream foundations for myself, less reason, but jar type does not attractive for me. I do not feel they are hygienic. Superior Cream is really attractive, but the scent is not for me.

I choose liquid foundations for Autumn-Spring, like THREE or Lunasol. I bought Albion Moist Emulsion Compact for myself, but not opened the package yet, less reason.

For my summer, I had bought really a lot of refill of Lancome, I bought for me when they change the case shape. I liked the slim case so much. I repeated Lancome only for the case. I may use the final refill of my stock in this summer, and I am looking for my powder foundations for next season. They may change the formula, but not pretty much big different, I guess.

Talking with BCs

When I went to stores for our customers, I asked some BCs how they change foundations. Guess half of them are just sales talk.

One BC, she is young, and seems her skin is oilier. She also changes foundations, but her working place is inside of department store, drier and air conditioned. She chooses emulsions as her brands recommends. Autumn-Winter, and Spring-Summer. According to her, in her brand, it is true that Emulsion for SS is less coming off than Emulsion for AW.

Another BC, seems early of 30s (maybe, I had talked with her about a lip when we were young), in her brand, there are no “emulsion”. She choose cream foundation for AW, and liquid for SS. But she also carries powder foundation for re-touch when she is going out.

And both also pushes face powders to buy, but so far, I rarely use, because sometimes those “loose powders” makes me sneeze, I am an allergic of dusts.

Hope it helps!

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