Albion Skin Care Method

Talking with Lukin (from USA) or Sarah (from Hong Kong), I recognized how unique Japanese Skincare method is. I (Cherry) am trying to explain things, but let me explain you one of the most unique skin care method of Albion (because there are mini bottles of full line!)

Albion is one of the brands what we really often have orders, especially foundations. If you wanna have full coverage foundations, please visit our store: Albion Foundation
Albion Excia AL Whitening Minibottles Set

Let me talk back to Albion skin care method.
The method is called as “4 steps method”.
Step1 Wash
Step2 Milk
Step3 Lotion
Step4 Cream/ Serum

OK. Showing you what they are each.

Step1 Wash

They are from Makeup Remover and Face Wash.

Makeup Remover

I had mentioned how important hygiene is, and the way to use oil makeup removers.
・Beauty tips — How do you remove your makeup?

Do you makeup? I know most of our audiences are love to makeup every day. I also know the other are not makeup. But how about sunscreens?? You may use sunscreens. Aren’t they waterproof or water resistance, are they?

If they are those, my recommend is using Makeup Removers first, and Face Wash second.

In this picture, I am showing “Cream” type. There are “Oil”, “Milk”, “Gel”, “Water” etc. My recommend is “Cream” or “Oil”, you can remove pretty well. And what I do not recommend is “Gel”, in my experience, they remains things pretty, pretty much, and to remove those clearly, I needed to scratch or wash many times. Worst is “Water”, in person. Nothing to say: my skin is sensitive, and I often get stinger by Alcohol.

Face Wash

This face wash is “liquid”. There are paste, powder, milk etc.
Excluding enzymatic face washes (like Papawash), as long as you can make rich bubbles, they are good, I am sure.

I may explain about those things later, when my skin condition was super bad, I applied powder foundation only. Sometimes I wear sunscreens which has no effect of waterproof/ water resistance. When those days, I use face wash only.

When I use makeup removers, I always use face washes. This is called as “double wash”. The purpose is rinse well makeup removers. After removing makeups, creams are oily, and oil removers are not oily, but I feel uncomfortable. In my experience, I do not recommend those products “you can remove your makeup too” things. They are too strong as face wash, or they are often too weak to remove my makeup.

Anyway, the section of “wash” is not unique as Japanese Skin Care method.

And you may worry about “double wash” method will bring your skin drier. When you take away from your skin moisture by washing, why don’t you add and wrap?

Step 2 Albion Milk

The most uniquest part of Albion method is Step 2 & Step 3. Milk (emulsion) first, and lotion second.

I may tell you later, but shortly to say, Japanese skincare method is pouring water by lotion (really watery lotion), wrapping by emulsion or cream (oily things) to avoid evaporation. So, the step is Wash-Lotion-Emulsion (or cream).
Albion Milk
Albion’s method is unique: 4 steps of Wash-Milk-Lotion-Cream/ Serum. Have you heard about “pre-lotion” items? It is opening route to pour your lotion. Albion’s milk (emulsion) is that kind of product.

And Albion recommends to use cottons to use their milk. The purpose is removing the things avoid lotions are going into. It is the effect of “wiping” by cottons. If you have use makeups, are you really sure with removing your makeup perfectly? Are you sure you could rinse perfectly the makeup removers?

Recently, I am really in love with using Albion milks (and Cosme Decorte AQMW is the same method). It moist my skin pretty well.

Step 3 Lotion

Albion is producing nice lotions. But not pretty much unique. Just a usual “most well” products. Ah, so far, there are no stinger for me.

And for dry skin (like me), are you sure with your water and oil conditions? When I visit my dermatologist (in Spring, I had super bad condition) told me that “add water, and less oil”. Camellia Oil or other skin care oils are good (I like Horse Oil), but do not forget to pour water on your skin!

Step 4 Wrap

After lotion, you need to wrap avoiding evacuation.

In Japanese method, it is often by Emulsion. But according to the BC of Albion, Albion milks has no effect of wrapping. So, you need something to wrap. Albion sells Cream & Serum.
cream/ serum
You do not need to buy both Cream and Serum. You can choose one. If you like using creams, choose cream. If you do not like creams, choose serum.

Me? I often combine with other products with Albion. I am using their emulsions. But They are also attractive.

OK, let me show you what I was showing. The mini-bottles were gift from Albion when I bought Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV. It was for new formula campaign.
Albion Set

Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV

I (Cherry) have some good friends in/ from out of Japan. I sometimes visit Hong Kong, and there are some close friends, and I really like to see them. One of my close friends in HK is Sarah, studied in the States and UK, I asked her to write review for us.

In this time, Albion Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV.

Let me show you how Sarah is describing this lotion.

Sarah’s review

Renewing Lotion
Excia Renewing Lotion SV- A very elegant look though it is ‘only’ a sample

My facial skin is the very dry and sensitive kind and I am always on the hunt for moisturizing but non-sticky products, although curiously, I love the camelia oil that I have used for over two years. Still, I’d love to try out products that help me look less ‘greasy’ on the face for important occasions and on unbearably hot days.

Excia Sarah

Balancing it well…trying not to waste any of it

At first I was not confident about Excia renewing lotion because it looked all watery (I used to think that only thick or oily lotion is nourishing), but I was so surprised that the lotion was quickly absorbed into my skin, which quickly felt refreshed. The lotion smells a bit weirdly like Ginseng, but after application its scent becomes milder and nicer. My skin felt a bit sticky, but it is still acceptable to me especially when I am used to applying oily products.

This lotion is just perfect for those with very dry skin like mine. Just be really slow and careful when pouring the lotion- it is just like water and you don’t want to waste a drop of it. (Or is it just me who always tries not to be wasteful?)

Cherry’s review

Thank you Sarah!
I did not give her lots of information about this product, because I wanted to know how she really felt, and what is the very you wanna know too, I am sure.

That’s right, Albion Excia AL has unique scent, and smelling most of Albion products, I feel they are trying to unify as “oriental herb”, but some are odd. I like Excia AL Milk perfume, but this lotion is wired. Yeah, after she told me “Gingsen” (one of medicated herbs in Asia, famous in Korea), I can not wipe out the image of Gingsen! hahaha.

Seemed I also had not done with the review of this Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV, please let me review for this too. It’s really good that I found there are still one sample pack was left.

Sorry! It is still dark in noon, just after the typhoon! (We are safe, and your packages are also safe, of course)
Lotion Sample

Let me show you this on my palm.
Albion Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV

As Sarah mentioned, this lotion is just like a water. Less sticky product, but moist my skin pretty well.

I get stinger with skin care products, but Albion is one of the brands I can use without worrying too much. (I sometimes feel stinger by Skin Conditioner Essential ) . No stinger, the scent is odd but gone quickly, moist well yet not pretty much sticky in Summer. There are lots of lotions, and this is one of my favorite!

We often have order of Albion milks, especially this high-class line of Excia AL Renewing / Whitening milk. Both are my favorite too, but there are less order of Excia AL lotions.

Japanese skin care method maybe really unique for those who from out of Japan. Basically we do 3/ 4 steps. Wash-lotion-emulsion. And 4th are serums, creams etc up to the person. We Japanese girls really like using lotions, and some, especially young girls or with oily skins end with wash and lotion only. If you wanna end with lotions, this Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV maybe nice.

Albion’s method is unique: 4 steps of Wash-Milk-Lotion-Cream/ Serum. Albion’s famous Skin Conditioner is a pre-lotion, and if you wanna use it, use Skin-Conditioner first and Milk second. You can back to Ski-con as the third, but my recommend is applying more “rich” lotions, for the dry skins like me.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV. Wanna purchase in Japanese Yen? why don’t you visit our JPY Branch?

Personal Review of Cosme Decorte AQMW Crystal Liquid

I (Cherry) got a sample bottle of Cosme Decorte AQMW Crystal Liquid.
Take this toner on cotton and wipe your face softly. According to Lukin, an American girl, in the States, there are less soft cottons we Japanese have. We recommend to order us Albion Cotton 5 packs set too.

This toner is a keratin care product. Some keratin care products are with AHA, but there are no AHA. If you have problem with AHAs, do not worry with using.

OK. Let me show you.
AQMW Crystal Liquid
This toner is not runny. I guess it is not “Liquid” but “Gel”. No sticky. After wiping my face, usually I do not see dark.

So, I wiped my face without washing 😀
Can you see some dirt? They say this toner remove your keratin, but it may be up to you.

For me, I liked it. No stinger, no pealing. After using Crystal Liquid, I do my daily routine skin care. Are they easier to pouring things?? I don’t know.

It including the scent of Sandalwoods, and I love it.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, some welcomed this really a lot. But you may want to know those who felt this is not pretty good: The scent is a little bit strong. I found one hate this. If you do not like the perfume of Sandalwood, all of AQMW is not for you. Other said this made her skin drier. Hmm. This product is a pre-lotion/ toner. I guess you need applying your lotion and emulsion a lot.

Totally to say, if you wanna remove your keratin gently, and if you like the scent of Sandalwood, why don’t you try it? :)

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Cosme Decorte AQMW Crystal Liquid

Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: July 2015

We had done with shipping packages of Japanese Girl7s Beauty Box: July 2015.

Beauty Box

Biore Sarasara Powder Sheet,  deodorant sheet set. From the left, the perfume of Soap, Berries, Citrus, Aqua Rose, Cool Mint, and No perfume.

In summer, I really easy to sweat a lot. Sometimes I look like a person who just took a shower, but just walking for 1 km. Disgusting. When I enter the building, I rush the restrooms, to change clothes, to wipe my hair, to wash my face by water, quick skincare, to fix my makeup. And I wipe my body with those sheets.

There are some sheets left white powder on my skin, but fortunately, there are no visible powders with this Biore.

Wanna have them? Hmm.

If you wanna have more than 12 sheets (in any of fragrance ), please ask us. We will do by custom order.  We do not welcome your order less than 12 sheets. The price will be JPY6000 or more, and without shipping fee. We may ship by EMS, but if you want to shrink the shipping, we can ship by Small Packet (it will take extra few days to be delivered).

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Shade Swatch of Albion Excia AL and SUQQU

We just got a question.
・What is the yellowest shade of Albion Excia AL foundation?
・I am mixing with #002 & #003 in SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation N.

The reply from Cherry is:
・Excia AL foundation is pink. Haven’t swatched #OCs, but I guess #NAs are not for you.

Anyway, still there are Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation #NA201 & Excia AL Cool Emulsion VX #NA211, and SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Foundation N #102 & Lasting Pact N #003. All of they are standard shades.

Can you see?

In my eyes, my arm skin is not such pink, but yellow. I took many pictures, but this version is the most easy to see the shades.

Anyway, let me show you detail.

SUQQU #102 & Excia AL #NA201

102 & 201

Those two are not pretty much different shades in this picture, and in my eyes too. But SUQQU is medium coverage and natural finish in my eyes. Albion Excia AL Foundations are the most full coverage foundations as I had texted.

Excia AL #NA201 & SUQQU #003

na201 & 003

Nothing to say :)

SUQQU #003 & Excia AL #NA211

Hope you can see the #NA211.
003 & na211

In this picture, #NA211 is almost the same shade with my skin. In my eyes, #NA211 is a little bit lighter, pinkish lighter than my arm. #003 is the net beige ochre for my eyes. If you are using #003, I guess #NA211 is too pinkish.

There are no pictures, but I had tested Albion Excia AL #OC 101 on my face. I remember it was too light for me, that’s all.

If you wanna have those products, please order from here:

Personal Review of Fancl Whitening Essence (Formula of 2015)

In Summer 2015, Fancl changed the formula of their Whitening Essence.

This is a full bottle, and is also one of the kits of Summer kit by Fancl what we chose as Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Box of May.

Fancl Whitening Essence

Oh, I forgot to take a photo that there are double cap when you open the cap first time. The system is the same, please see also: Personal Review of Fancl BC Beauty Concentrate

Please let me back to my review.

On my palm.
Usually I apply this on my finger, and I attache softly the problem points. In this Spring, it was really dry, and my skin was super damaged. Big red dull and some freckles are left… :( So sad.

They are near to my eyes, and I often get strong stinger by brightening essence/ serums. I was afraid of that with applying. This is one of the reason why this review is delay.

Fortunately, there are no stingers. And there are no perfume, and less (maybe no ) oil. I like it.

Some people are applying whole face, but I do only for the problem points.

See the bottle.
There are “window”, and you can see there are red/ pink bar. It is meaning I have already done with more than 2/3 of the bottle. The red bar is coming up and this window will be occupied by the red. I wanted to show you this, and this is another reason why delaying.

I know you may wanna know whether it is effective or not. Hmm…. This is not a strong product. This is just a cosmetics. I am feeling it is coming lighter but it may also because of Vitamin C I am taking.

Totally to say, if you are looking for brighteners: less oily, no perfume, no stinger for me (sensitive skin), I guess this is try-worth.

Please check the latest price from here: Fancl Whitening Essence

Shade Swatch of Lunasol, ADDICTION, Excia AL & THREE Foundations

We gave Lukin some foundation samples. There are some swatch and review by Lukin. Listen what she is saying.

ADDICTION Dewy Glow foundation & Lunasol Skin Modeling Watercress Foundation


Addiction – Dewy Glow Foundation – #No. 03

Better for someone with dry skin or just a light touch of foundation. the *dewy glow* on oily skin would look greasy – not dew. In the photo you can see the foundation looks like it has tiny bubbles. Not shown – I tried to blend this foundation. It was smeary – cannot recommend.

Lunasol – Skin Modeling Water Cream – #OC02
When I test the Lunasol, the foundation was o thin (liquid-like) that I was worried the coverage would be very sheer. No – it was a smooth application. The foundation felt creamy but not thick. Thin consistency like many foundations – good coverage. Not for a beginner.
Thank you, Lukin. I (Cherry) didn’t know how dark Lunasol #OC02 is. #YO02 is also a standard shade for Japanese, and that is my shade, but it is more yellow than #OC02.

Albion Excia AL Superior Cream foundation & THREE Flawless Cream Foundation

Albion & THREE

Albion Excia AL Superior Cream foundation #NA201
THREE – Flawless Cream Foundation #203

Albion – I really like the feeling of this foundation. It felt luxurious — (maybe even felt “expensive”??) The name doesn’t say GEL it swatched more like a gel based foundation. A bit slippery and seems heavier than it is.
It takes less product for good coverage. Also I was excited when I opened this sample. I thought it might be light and pink on my skin – nope :)

In the photos, to my eye, the Albion is a little more pink than the THREE

THREE – Not much to say, was very *normal*. Like many other foundations.

Thank you!

To be honest, I(Cherry) haven’t tried THREE Flawless Cream Foundation yet. I prefer sheer – middle coverage foundations, and Lukin told me that she likes middle-full coverage foundations, so I gave her THREE’s cream foundation, and I kept THREE’s Fluid (liquid) foundation for myself.

That’s right. Albion, especially Excia AL is a little bit pinkish for my eyes too.

ADDICTION Dewy & THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation

There are no Lunasol foundations we have now, so I can not show you on my arm. There are still ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation #NO03 and THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation #203. Let me show you on my arm.

For me, both are runny products.

Reading what Lukin reviewed, I wondered is ADDICTION with small bubbles?
Hmm, I applied on my arm, and there are no such bubbles as Lukin had shown.

It might be the reason, I am dry skin, and guess Lukin has oilier skin than me. For me, Dewy Glow foundation is not oily product. So we can not recommend ADDICTION Dewy Glow foundation for oily skin.

THREE Fluid is my favorite one sheer finish is my taste. You can see ADDICTION is also sheer, but I do not prefer its bottle. There are pump in THREE, but not in ADDICTION. That’s all. Simply, this is the only one reason why I bought THREE Fluid or Lunasol Liquid, but haven’t bought ADDICTION :)

Anyway, the shade. I thought THREE #203 is natural to Japanese skin, and I had used this shade for myself. But comparing with ADDICTION, ADDICTION is lighter shade. I had asked by one customer, she was looking for sheer finish “light” foundation, and the shade must be one torn lighter than standard shade. She was interested on THREE Fluid, and I recommended THREE #202 (but haven’t tried yet for myself). She liked THREE, but she may also like ADDICTION, and the shade would be #NO03.

I would show you the swatch with THREE #203 and Albion #NA201 pretty soon. To be honest, I took photos, but because of the lighting, I don’t satisfied. It is not sunny recent few days in here. I will do when the sun comes again :)

Anyway, if you wanna have those products please order from here:



Shade swatch of RMK and SUQQU

We also send Lukin samples of RMK Gel Creamy Foundation #102 and SUQQU Frame Fix Liquid Foundation N #102.

Here what Lukin, the American girl is saying.

RMK Gel Creamy and SUQQU Liquid
SUQQU – I think the “Frame Fix” is a good name because this foundation was rich and had good viscosity. It would be good for someone who wanted or needed to take her time for perfect coverage or for someone new to foundation.

RMK – gel & creamy are two good words to describe the foundation. I like that the gel products feel cool when you apply them. It’s a fresh feeling.

Thank you Lukin!

Hmm, there are no samples/ full bottles of RMK Gel Creamy Foundation and SUQQU Frame Fix Liquid Foundation N and I can not show you the finish with comparing.

Hope those will help you to see.

I(Cherry) was just curious about the shade of RMK and SUQQU. They are from the same company.

Let me show you the shade swatch.
The foundations are RMK Casual Solid Foundation #102 & #103, and SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Pact Foundation N #102 & Lasting Pact Foundation N #103.

RMK #102 VS SUQQU #102

Both RMK Casual Sold Foundation and SUQQU Moist Pact Foundation are categorized as emulsion.
RMK 102 & SUQQU 102

Let me blend.
OH!! Can you see the difference? I did not find the difference of the shade difference. But the finish is different.

RMK Casual Solid Foundation is glow, and SUQQU Moist Pact is natural to matte. RMK is not shining as radiant. Both are middle coverage in my eyes.

RMK #103 VS SUQQU #003

SUQQU is Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation #003
RMK #103 and SUQQU #003

OOPS, the photo quality is not good.

In my eyes, RMK #103 is the same with SUQQU #003. But the finish is different. RMK is glow, and SUQQU is natural to matte.

RMK & SUQQU 4 shades

Can you see the difference?
4 shades

In my eyes, it is significantly different between an group of RMK & SUQQU #102, and RMK #103 & SUQQU #003.

See also; Shade Swatch of SUQQU Foundations

If you wanna order them, visit those.

Personal Review of RMK Casual Solid Foundation

We like RMK products, but you may find we are not dealing their new emulsion foundation: Casual Sold foundation.

It is because of its style. Case, Brush, and 2 foundations. This is a full set. The system what we are using is not good at selling those products, especially we need to ask you 2 foundations.

I (Cherry) bought RMK’s limited store’s palette, and there are foundation of Casual Sold Foundation: 102 & 103.
RMK Casual Sold Foundation in RMK Palette

RMK recommend to use 2 foundations as A and B. A is called as “base color” and B is called as “perl”. In this palette, there are only A “base color”. Seems B is a kind of highlighter.

Anyway, let me show you on my arm.
Casual Solid on my arm
Can you see the shade difference? I guess you can see #102 is lighter than #103.

Let me blend on my arm. (I got a new cosmetic jargon of “blend”! Thank you Lukin!)
Sadly, in this photo, you can not see the difference between #102 and #103.

Both RMK #102 and #103 are standard shades for Japanese.

This is an emulsion type foundation. It is not runny, but compared with powders, it is easier to be running out. And some may feel oily too.

The brush I applied in this time is much smaller than the brush set in the original case. This is the biggest reason, but I thought it may be much better when I apply by sponge.

For me, this is not for Summer, it maybe for Autumn and Spring. I sweat pretty a lot in Summer. But when I will be stick in air conditioned room whole a day, it may pretty good for me. To buy whole new set? Hmm.

Wanna have that? Please tell us those things in this comment place. (it will be not opened)
1) Where are you from (it is essential to calculate the shipping fee.)
2) Whether you need the case and the brush or not
3) The shades of refills and quantity

The full set: 2 refills, case, brush, the price is more than USD100 (without the shipping fee)

Personal Review of Albion Force Repair Base

I (Cherry) have done with my Lunasol foundation & foundation primer. They are going to change the formula of the primer too. I am looking for something new primer before Lunasol’s release of new primer. I prefer using sunscreen of ADDICTION Skin Protecter as my foundation primer in Summer, but I sweat a lot, it is easy to run out. Ah, where is the strong sunscreen effect with no stinger on my skin, less perfume, and good as under foundation!

When I went to Albion store for you, the customers, I got a sample of Albion Force Repair Base. Ah, do you know what we Japanese call “Base”? It is a primer. This is the product with strong sunscreen effect; SPF50+ PA++++! The BC told me that this sunscreen is good for my skin as skin care serum. Wonderful!

Sorry, I had opened when I forgot I did not take the picture.
Albion Force Repair Base Sample

Anyway, let me put it on my arm.
Repair Base on arm
The product itself is white creamy serum. There is a perfume, and sadly this is not the taste for mine. Sad? Yes…
Not pretty hard to spread. I had applied body cream on my arm, it may be because this is looked like uninformed. No worries.

The finish, this product does neither change my skin torn nor color. If you are looking for something to let your skin torn brighter or make even skin torn or cover your pores, this is not for you. This product is a little bit oily, as other sun screen, my skin is a little bit shining in my eyes.

On my face, it is the problem that I often feel stinger by sunscreens. I had thought sunscreens are such products, but after knowing ADDICTION Skin Protector, I found I have no need to bare the stinger by sunscreens.

Applying this foundation primer, I found there are no stingers on my skin and eyes. That’s good news. To be honest, I feel this is a little bit oily, and I feel this is not for the person with oily skin. For me, hmm not for Summer. I should better to use on Spring.

Totally to say, excluding this perfume, I really liked it.
Please check the latest price, and order from here; Albion Force Repair Base