Personal Review of SUQQU Eye Makeup Remover R

In 2015, SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit was with SUQQU Eye Makeup Remover R.

This was not a full bottle.
SUQQU Eye Makeup Remover
I do not think you can see there is a bilayer. Please shake well before your using.

Apply it on cotton.

There are no perfume :)

Let me wipe it on my makeup.
SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX04
SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil
・Kanebo Coffre D’or Eyeliner
SUQQU Eye Makeup Remover R

Coffret D’or Eyeliner Super Sharp is quite strong waterproof. Wow. It is really easy to remove!

I had used Lancome Point Makeup remover (I lost the exact name, but you may be able to guess when I say “blue one”), but it was not pretty good like this.

Usually I use cleansing cream or cleansing oil to remove my makeup. I opened my eyes with what is really good combination with weak makeup removers!

In person, it is not attractive to use cottons everyday, I afraid it can scratch my skin. But once a week or something, it is not bad, I felt. I know there are a lot of people who rarely makeup with strong eye makeup. For such people, I guess using cleansing creams or oils are not fun. But with this Eye Makeup Remover, even you use waterproof eyeliners or mascaras, it is so easy to rid off.

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Personal Review of SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil EX02

This is from SUQQU 2015 Christmas Makeup Kit B. This eyeliner itself is the same with A.

I hope you may find how thin it is.
GEl eyeliner
I have to tell you one thing. I needed to turn many times to use. And please pay attention, you can not make the eyeliner back to the holder.

The color is Navy. It is quite dark one.
Eyeliner Pencil EX02 Navy
How do you feel? I guess this is not pretty much fit to this eyeshadow: eye color palette EX04 Shisouori, of SUQQU B 2015.

Yet on my eyes, it is not seems line Navy, but black. I liked it pretty much, it mades my eyes bigger!!

Seems this is not a waterproof, but it did not run out for one day :)

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Makeup Idea with SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-04

SUQQU Eye Color Palatte EX-04 SHISOUORI is from SUQQU Makeup Holiday Kit 2015.

Finally I can try this!

What a beautiful!

Let me apply on my arm.
The lowest purple is much darker than I had expected. Middle one is so beautiful on the horizontal gradation above of the lowest. The top is a highlighter, I like wearing it on my lower eyelids.

I prefer wearing black/ brown eyeliners with this eyeshadow.

I wish you can see how gorgeous this is through this photo.

If you wanna have this eyeshadow only, we can do that :) Feel free to ask us.

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Makeup idea with Lunasol Party Coffret 2015

There were no makeup sheets, but there was a guide on the bottom of a box. Could you find on your box?
Here you are.
Lunasol Eyeshadow
I tried it on my arm, but I cut the section⑤. Because I was satisfied on ④ :)

I put an eyeliner, but maybe too much :(

Cream Cheeks & Lips

This one.
Cream Cheeks and lips

Applying this on my arm, I found it is really posh but cute. Showing to you, I applied it with heavier layer, as a blush it is stronger, but not pretty much tacky vividly.

But as a lip, this is too matte, seems still in this 2015, matte lips are out of date. So, I strongly recommend to apply your gloss on this product.

Beautiful isn’t it? The gloss is not by this Lunasol. This is by RMK from last years coffret. Because it was too much lame for me, I rarely used it. But in this situation, I feel it is really nice!!!!

Quick Sharing of Lunasol Party Coffret 2015

Seems all the package what we shipped Lunasol Party Coffret are delivered or quite near of you :) It was really busy with shipping for us. I really like the term of “snowed under”, we were “cosmetics under” :) It is so happy to see tons of beautiful and gorgeous products! Ah!

Anyway, let me show you the products :)
Lunasol 2015

To be honest, I dislike the poach.

Show you the detail.
Eyeshadow. So sweet! And pretty useful!
We were asked the makeup idea sheet by one of the repeaters. Yeah, as I remember 2014, there weas a makeup sheet, but in this year, there were no sheets. As long as we got, we would ship it! But, you can see that on the bottom of the box :)
I will show you about it in other article :)

Blush & lip
creamy cheek & lip
Apply it on your cheeks or lips by your finger.


Can you see it?? This is a oval brush! I have used some mascaras in those makeup kits. They are straight, and  not waterproof.
How beautiful Bordeaux…
Mascara on arm
But you know, this is strong waterproof!

After I applied this, I used SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulsion. (See also Personal Review of SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulsion)

The letters were written by Coffret D’or eyeliner, what are often really hard to remove. It is (mostly) removed, but this mascara was remained! OH!

Ah, the gloss. Still there are some glosses, so, it will goes to one of the girls behind me, I did not tested :)

See also Cherry’s Makeup idea with Lunasol Party Coffret 2015

Wanna have it? Sorry, it is already sold out! Check us often. There will be Lunasol Summer Kit in 2016 too, I guess.

Personal Review of SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulsion

I (Cherry ) got a sample of SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulsion, this is new for SS2015. This is a makeup remover. Finally, yeah. My skin condition was not pretty good for few months.
Reset Cleansing Emulsion

Let me show you on my arm. Sorry, I found some people are stealing my pictures and cut our credit! If you wanna have pictures without credit, pleases us. We are selling pictures too.

If you are checking my blog often, you may know that I am using really a lot of makeup removers. In my experience, gels or liquids are so bad at removing waterproof items. As I know, oils or creams are really good at removing those products well. I had thought this is also one of gel things.

The perfume is so posh, and not so strong. I liked the scent of SUQQU makeup removers, and I also liked it.

Foundation Primer: RMK Creamy Polished Base N #02
Foundation: RMK Gel Creamy Foundation #203
Eyeshadow: Lunasol (from Party coffert of 2015)
Creamy Cheek & Lips: Lunasol (from Party Coffret of 2015)
Mascara: Lunasol (from Party Coffret of 2015)
Gloss: RMK (from coffers of 2014)
Letters: Coffret D0r Eyeliner (water proof)

To be honest, when I spread ion my arm, even the gloss was not removing well. Can you see the dirty tissue on the right picture? I wiped my arm gently by this tissue, Most of the letters written by Coffret Dor eyeliner are removed. This eyeliner, it is super waterproof, and really hard to remove. I surprised to see it was the mascara what was so hard to remove!

Totally to say, I guess you can remove most of your makeup really gently by this remover.

I recommend to use your face wash after this product :)

Please check the latest price, and order from here: SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulsion. Wanna order in Japanese yen? Check our JPY Branch too!

Personal Review of Impress Granmula Foundation

I (Cherry) got a sample of Impress Granmula Foundation #OC-C, seems this is the very their standard color for Japanese.

Let me show you my review and comparison with Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation.


At first, let me show you on my arm.
This is a harder foundation. I was afraid of it is not easy to spread on my skin, no, it is not bad to do.


Brend on my arm.
Impress Granmula Foundation

The texture is a little bit heavier than Albion for me. Its coverage is full, and the finish is a little bit glow, I felt. It is sad that it emphasis my pore.


In this time, I did not applied any of primers. When I use this, I should better to use something primers what covers my pore :(

Comparison with Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation

The day before I applied Granmula on my face, I used Superior Cream, and took this photo.
Superior Cream Foundation

Which covers well?

I feel Granmula is better than Superior Cream on the point of covering uneven skin torn. But if you have a rough skin or lots of pores, I feel Superior Cream covers more than Granmula.

Difference of the finish

I feel Superior Cream is more “natural”, and Granmula is more “glow”, but I do not think this is none of they are radiant.

Excia AL #NA201 and Granmula OC-C are standard for Japanese, but for me, #NA201 is a little bit pinkish, and #OC-C is Ochre.
I like Superior Cream is light. Granmula is not pretty much heavy, a little bit oilier, I feel.


Both are with perfume, and Superior Cream is with something stronger oriental herbal, and Granmula is floral. I prefer Granmula’s, because it is not strong, yet both are not what I wanna have, sadly.


There is a customer who asked us to do custom order this foundation,  she also ordered us Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation. She told us that Granmula is better than Superior Cream.

As I had mentioned, the day before I applied Granmula on my face, I used Superior Cream. But I can not compare with them, because of the sample quantity I had (I took lots of shade comparison in this summer, and that one I had :D), I could not use it whole of my face. After I took that photo, I applied other foundations :D.

Let me back to the Granmula. On the evening, I found my nose is really really extremely oily. But on my cheeks, it lasts well. It was just a warm “Indian Summer”, and I did not sport.

Custom Order only

There are no official Impress online stores, and there are no Impress store nearby. We need to go to buy, so accept custom order. I go bigger cities once a month, please feel free to ask us, but DO NOT MAKE US HURRY. If you want us to express ship, we need to ask you the expenses more.

Impress Granmula Foundation

We will seal you to avoid leaking. We guess this is enough.


Personal Review of RMK Medicated Skintuner Conditioner

RMK Medicated Skintuner Conditioner is new product for AW2015.

Seems they changed aging care line to this. Seems this is damaged skin.
They recommended to use cotton or your hands to apply. Because there are no keratin care product, you do not need to wipe by cotton. When you wanna use cotton, please “put” softly, this is good for cotton pack/ lotion pack.

Previously RMK was used “foods” like yogurt or something. To be honest, it is not pretty much nice image for me in person. In this formula, it is for rough and dry skin. OH! My skin is not rough, but dry. I hope it is good for me.

It is including Niacin Amid and Glycyrrhetinic Acid, and they are going to care problems.
Skintuner Conditioner
I found the rosewood perfume, and as RMK insists it is the image for “woods”. Awake herbal line is the image of therapeutic walk in the forest, and I love it, but to be honest, but Awake is too strong for me. This RMK is not pretty much strong like Awake for me, and there are no sting. I felt my skin was well moist. Nice!

As other RMK Skintuner, you do not need apply something to wrap, but I guess this is also oilless.

Totally to say, I am not pretty much sure that it is good for when my skin is rough. I guess this is good for dry skin, but if your skin is dry because of oilless, I guess you need to apply something oily too.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “RMK Skintuner Conditioner”.

Personal Review of RMK Skintuner Smoother (S) Moist

After RMK changed the director Rumiko to Kaori, they are changing items few by few. This Skintuner is also one of them. This is new for SS2015.

There are also Skintuner Treatment with pink bottle, the difference is this blue bottle “Smoother” is for Spring-Summer, and “Treatment” is for Autumn-Winter. Treatment is Moist and Extra Moist, Smoother is Light and Moist. I guess you can choose as your skin condition too.

I (Cherry) got a sample of (s) Moist, let me share with my review.


As I remember, previous formula of “Skintuner” is the product of “you do not need anything after this lotion”, and seems this lotion is also that kind of.

It is to remove your old keratin, they recommend to use cotton.
RMK Skintuner Smoother (S ) Moist

The way to use: apply this lotion on your cotton, and wipe softly.

There are perfume of orange and ginger. I liked the scent of this lotion, I feel really “spicy” in good meaning. But I was also afraid this “spicy” is bad for my skin, you know, my skin is really sensitive and often feel sting :( It is true that when I tried a sample of Skintuner Treatment Moist with scent of lavender and ginger, I got sting. (See also: Personal Review of RMK Skin Tuner Treatment Moist)

I applied this with hesitation, but I should not be worried. I got anything pain with this.

After I wiped my face really gently, I found the cotton was getting dark what may be my “dirt”, aka keratin. I also liked the finish of my skin, far from oily, but well moist. I just worried I need something to wrap, but according to RMK, I need nothing excluding I wanna use special care.

What I liked the most is this is really watery, what is my preference. My skin is drier with aging, and I need to choose “moist”, and they are often sticky products. I like those runny and watery things.

But I also admit, I felt my skin is oilless. I should use horse oil or something. Yes, this is for Summer.

Totally to say, if you just end your skin care with one bottle of lotion, this is one of my recommend, but this is oilless, if you want to apply “oil” to your skin, you need add something oils.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “RMK Skin Tuner Smoother”.

Personal Review of Transino Medicated Whitening Repair Cream

Transino Whitening Repair Cream is a brightening night cream with Tranexamic acid.

I was a little bit excited to use Transino Whitening line, to “erase” my problem I got in this Spring. But sadly, both lotion and essence (cream) gave me sting. They are not for me. I was really disappointed that Transino (what they say this is designed for sensitive skin) is not fixing to me, I had thought this night cream also give me sting.


This Repair Cream is for night. The essence was actually cream, and I thought this is also. No. This is.. hmm, a cream, but a little bit sticky and greasy. I just reminded Vaseline.

Transino Medicated Whitening Repair Cream

For my preference, it was too sticky to use, but that’s all. I had expected it would have give me pain, so, it was really good.

Checking what Japanese reviewers says, I could rarely find people got something strange by this cream. For someone, it worked well to make well moist and smooth skin, and brighter. But for the other, it was just a cream.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Transino Medicated Whitening Repair Cream