Beauty Diary: Late of Sep to Early of Oct 2015


It is a time to show you my skin condition and what I used last month and result.


Quite late of Sep

Not pretty much different? But as an owner of my skin, it was less problem: less super dry, less oily, but few acnes.


Both Cystina C and Biofelmin are set for one month, but I could not take them three times per a day. Still remained. I will take them until they are gone.


Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV

I used it for one push each morning and night. Still there are. I bought Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV, but it is too “heavy” for my skin in this season.

Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion (2 Moist)

Both are set for 30 days, and I used both morning and night, but there are few. I wanna done with this, and after that I am going to use Fancl Active Conditioning Basic Lotion & Emulsion (2 Moist)

Other things what I used

Albion Prian

When my skin was pretty bad on Spring, this is one of the things what helped my skin. Because I used this, I did not use Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV by cotton: just take one push on my palm, and applied on my face. I may review for you later. We are not going to deal this as regular. We will tell you the reason on that article.

Makeup Remover & Face Wash

I used Fancl Cleansing Oil, DHC Cleansing Oil, Ignis Cleansing Cream, and Albion Excia AL Watery Cleansing Cream, La Roche Posay Cleansing Water (the day for sunscreen and foundation only)

Still there are Ignis Cleansing Cream, and Albion Excia AL Watery Cleansing Cream, La Roche Posay Cleansing Water (you can buy it on your home countries, can’t you? ). I may keep using them, and may use other products too.

Face wash is Fancl Washing Powder.

How I feel?

Now, I am facing PMS, and have quite few acnes. That’s not fun, but I did not have bad condition now. As a owner of skin, I satisfied as long as I do not see a mirror. Sadly still there are still some red parts,  and seems I did not tanned in Sep, it may be because of Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion, I am feeling my skin is brighter a little bit. But sadly it emphasis my freckles.

It is true that stomach condition affects skin too. My stomach condition is better, my skin is better now.

Skincare for Oct

New product

Awake Vital Express

This is one of the products really often ordered especially American customers. They often repeat it. Guess this is the time to review it by myself. This is a Vitamin C powder, and hope it will be good for my red parts!

Fancl Active Conditioning Basic Lotion & Emulsion.

New products samples

My skin condition is not pretty bad, I guess I can review for you new products. I wanted to buy Cosme Decorte AQ Meriolity Kit, but I was really grabbed my heart by some makeup kits for Holiday season. Ah… I had decided to buy 3 already!

Oh, now, we are opened some of Holiday kits. Please check from here: Limited/ Seasonal

Personal Review of Les Merveilleuses Laduree FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE

2Years ago, I bought small limited (and small) version of Les Merveilleuses Laduree FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE. As I remember, the color is Ninon or something.

Laduree is a brand, we can neither obtain our nearby, nor through official inter net stores. If you are a subscriber of our news letter, sometimes we tell you “we are going to a big city, and we can obtain something like Laduree for you…”, when you find this sentence, you can ask us Laduree for the custom order.

Anyway, this Rose Laduree, the small limited version. Oh, sorry, the ugly letters are on the center of the picture. Recently, we found someone ( I know who they are) are taking our pictures not only without permission, but also removed our credit marks. Simply sad. How dare they are…
Back to this pretty. How sweet…

This small version is not a regular product for them. How it is pretty… I was so attempted by this blush. Yeah, it was too adorable to use for long days… The way to use is, just shake your blush brush onto the petals! Its color is so posh pink. How adorable.

The perfume was not pretty much fun for me, but I could bear this.

But now, I do not recommend this for the person like me.
Laduree left one petal
Why? It was not my daily routine, but I often use it. The petal is made from hard cloth, and the color is plastered the petal. There are lines to pretend a petal, and it is not pretty much easy to take color at all. It looks really miserable. Sad.

In this small “rose”, there are 3 big petals and 3 small petals, and big 3 were linked by string each other, and small 3 were also. I needed to change the positions to take color after a half year passed, and I often changed the positions. Finally I needed to stroke on the back. It was OK. But the strings are not fun, and I cut by my hands.

The place I makeup is on the bawl in my washroom. When I stroked, some petals fallen down to the bowl :( I do not want to use those. This one is the final one.

Petal 2
Yeah, this Les Merveilleuses Laduree FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE is the most beautiful blush ever created. But if you are looking for a blush you can use neatly, like me, this is not for us.

Anyway, if you need Laduree, please ask us. We can do the custom order, but we need to visit a big city to obtain. If you can wait for our visiting, we can do custom order without big expenses, but if you need it urgent, you have to pay extra USD100 (only for the transportation fee).

Beauty Diary: Checked my skin condition on a counter

I went to a counter to check my skin condition. It was the first time since this early Autumn crush.

On the conclusion first, I still have supple face, but poor circulation. There are lot’s of melanin pigments. Oilier, but less water.

I wear sunscreens everyday, but when I feel really tired and powerless, I often stay my sunny garden (for few mins). Sunshine is good to cheer me up!  To be honest, I like being burned for few mins by sunshine. Ah… I was tanned.

I asked the BC about the black points on my cheeks, the blue circled area.

In my eyes, it rarely see, but in this picture, it is really ugly… She told me, she was afraid they are quite small freckles in my pore area. Those pores are dull pores (!!), but I have supple skin, they are not pretty big deal now. What she worried was my poor water level and poor circulation, those small freckles can be bigger: plans are made by points. It is an ABC of Geometry. I have less power to make new skin. Her recommend was water, water, and water.

I had to admit I had less attention to pouring water to my skin, recently. How to pour water to my skin?

Lotion pack! There are some samples of lotions what are waiting for my reviews. It is the time to do now. My skin is better condition now.  I guess I can try some new products!


Personal Review of Cosme Decorte AQMW Makeup Coffret Ⅳ

I (Cherry) went to one of Cosme Decorte stores, and found there are already demonstration of AQMW Makeup Coffret Ⅳ, what is Cosme Decorte AQMW Holiday makeup kit 2015.

This year, the image is a love letter. Ah sweet!

I took some pictures, but I have no idea to show it on this blog now (we may upload on Nov). Subscribers of our newsletter will have a newsletter with the picture.

There are pink based eyeshadow palette, blush, lip gloss, and an eyeliner.


At first, the BC used the Lasting Gel Eyeliner #PU102.

The color is deep purple (reddish purple to burgundy ), and when the BC applied on my eyelids, I found it is quite tiny and pretty harder. My daily makeup is with eyeliners, and what I use is ADDICTION Eyeliner Pencil or THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner, or THREE Shadow Lining Performance Eyeliner. If you dislike harder eyeliners, this is not for you, we are sure.

I often use eyeliners in my final stage of my eye makeup. I asked her about that. According to her, use as my convenient. It was a warm Autumn day, and she was afraid of the eyeliner is running out. (I forgot to ask her whether this eyeliner is a waterproof, checking AQMW Lasting Gel Eyeliner,  regular items are waterproof. Oh, I also have to tell you. AQMW Lasting Gel Eyeliner is a refill-holder system, but you can not use other color’s refills to this #PU102. This is not a refill-holder system.) Anyway, according to her, when you use this eyeliner at first, it last well, but it’s up to your skin condition, we guess.


Second was the eyeshadow:AQ MW Gradation Eyeshadow #101

AQMW Gradation Eyeshadow is a product, apply quad colors from bottom to up, horizontal gradation. But the most up is with bigger glitters, she applied on the corner /tail of my eyes. Beautiful pink!


AQMW Brush & High-lighter #PK850

She told me, attention with applying the blush. The blush is a beautiful trio palette. So pretty. But the most deepest pink, left bottom, this color will be to color vivid. When I travel to abroad, I can find Japanese girls pretty easy. We often have too much blushes, like cockatiels (but they are quite cute birds, aren’t they?). I do not feel we are wearing too much when I am in Japan… Anyway, when you use this, please pay attention not to be a cockatiel!

Above of the palette seems a highlighter.


AQMW Rouge Balm #PK807

The color is posh pink in my eyes.

Last year, when I applied AQMW gloss in AQMW Makeup Coffret ⅲ, sadly my lips were pealed badly. My skin is not pretty much strong, and I often pealed by lipsticks especially matte one. I rarely pealed by glosses.

I was afraid of this, after applying this for 2 hours, my lips were safe :) So happy.


AQMW Makeup Coffret ⅲ was perfumed, and Cosme Decorte AQMW makeups are perfumed. It was a tester, and it was a cosmetic store, where is filled by perfumes. I could not catch particular scent, but I bet products in this kit, especially eyeshadow palette is with perfume. If you hate perfumed makeups, this is not for you, even how beautiful they are!

Wanna have it? Please check the latest price and order from here: Cosme Decorte Holiday Kit

Personal Review of Albion Gel Mask Foundation (#010)

Sometimes we have question from “I have a … skin, and how … works?” We are glad to have massages from you, but it often we can not help you, especially the questions for how it fix to the other races. Japan is not a mono race country, but Japan is ALMOST a mono race. Cosmetic companies, even they are originally from America or France, they provide narrow shade variation of foundations. Why? There are extremely niche market for those shades in Japan.

We asked Lukin to review foundations, who isa girl from the States, who has much fair skin than us. She used Albion Gel Mask Foundation what is really often ordered and quite affordable price. The lightest shade is #010.

See how Lukin says.

I recently tested Albion’s Gel Mask foundation.
Gel Mask
According to the Albion website, this foundation was designed to feel as though wearing a veil of moisture. Its gel consistency produces a soft finish while leaving skin looking fresh. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

To begin my review, the bottle of foundation is lovely. Although it is not glass, the container feels sturdy and has a nice frosted effect. The foundation is delivered via pump. I prefer this for two reasons. 1) It reduces waste by preventing too much product spilling onto fingers or sponge. 2) The pump keeps the foundation air tight and is more hygienic than an open bottle.


Blend on her arm

The first thing I notice about the Gel Mask foundation was how smooth and slippery it felt. I do not mean slippery like oily but slick and cushioned? like a gel. It is suggested that primer is unnecessary so I pumped two drops onto my inner arm. Albion also recommends using one’s fingers for blending, so I quickly began to spread the foundation across my arm.
#010 & #050
As you can see, my skin is quite fair with pinkish undertones. I tested the shade #010, which is the lightest of the six available shades. As soon as I began to smooth the foundation, I noticed little bubbles in the product. Not to be alarmed ? apparently Albion uses five times the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid in this formula. Hyaluronic acid is said to “plump” the skin and help skin to retain moisture. I’m not sure if the tiny bubbles were hyaluronic acid but they quickly dissipated as I began to blend the foundation.

It was easy to see that this foundation was not a perfect color match for the skin of my inner arm. It was “too warm” in my opinion. People refer to shades of foundation is several ways. Those shade names may indicate different attributes in different countries. The shade 010 was just a bit “too dark” for me. I don’t mind a color that is not perfect if it provides a true full coverage of my skin. With enough blending, it can be a beautiful look to have a perfectly smooth face that was achieved by using foundation (and maybe concealer and powder too).

As I began to blend, and blend the foundation, the color became more realistic of a true skin tone. It may not have been the right color for me, but it would look great on the right person. If you decide to try the Albion Gel Mask foundation, I will recommend you start with one pump and blend quickly. As I was practicing on my arm, the product was starting to “dry” on the edges where I had not blended. If one is careless, an obvious “stopping line” may appear on your chin or neck.

Blend on her face

I did try the foundation on my facial skin. I was not happy with the results.
I have redness and light brown pigmentation (sun spots) on my cheeks. Also, I have some enlarged pores on my cheeks and a couple of acne spots. Unfortunately, this did not glide as smoothly over skin with enlarged pores. The gel foundation actually settled into those pores and attached itself to some dry patches of skin. In the end, despite efforts to blend and blend some more, this was not the foundation for me and my skin.

Guess this will be a good match for the oily or combination skin

However, I think the foundation will be a good match for the right person. If you have oily or combination skin, I believe it will work nicely. Since it is a “gel type”, it may also be good for “normal” skin during the warmer summer months. Since no primer is necessary and it has SPF, this would probably work for most faces, except those will dry or mature skin, during the summertime. The finish is not dewy or matte. As Albion suggested, the result is a “soft finish.”

Final thoughts ? I love the texture! It feels smooth but not greasy. The product dries quickly, so one must blend fast. I think this is good when you are in a hurry to finish your makeup.

I was hopeful that the lightest shade, #010, would work for me but not as a foundation. I had thought I could have used it as a primer for the areas that need some color correction. But I couldn’t use the Gel Mask as a primer because the shade was too dark for my skin tone. Any of my foundations were of lighter shade so it looked strange. I do think the texture might work well as a primer for oily skin, but that is a guess. My skin is typically normal to dry.

Blend with Primer

Let me explain what I did so they photos make sense.

I started with clean skin (toner and light moisturizer).

I did three different “looks” to see how the Albion Gel Mask Foundation would work for my skin.

With Clinique

First I tried using a Clinique foundation primer.
I love this product and use it regularly. The photos reveal that primer is not a good idea with the
Gel Mask formula. My skin was sticky.

I did try to apply the Gel Mask with a brush. The brush lines are obvious. Very streaky.
(Lukin, I suggest trying to wrap by your hands, after applying your primer and foundation. There will be no brush lines, I am sure. By Cherry)

Then I blended the foundation with my fingers.
by fingers
That helped a tiny bit. The coverage is sheer and it accentuates the lines on my neck as well as dry areas of my cheek.

With SmashBox

Next I decided to try and deepen my skin a bit with a bronzing luminizing primer by Smashbox and a concealer by Kat Von D. I use both of the products on a regular basis.

The photo shows again that that primers are a bad idea with the Gel Mask formula.

Once again, my skin has dry patches and the necklines look dry. The coverage is better as I used the concealer after the Albion foundation. Not perfect – but better.
The photos include indoors with flash.

Lastly, I applied the Albion Gel Mask Foundation in Shade #010 to my toned and moisturized face using my fingers to apply and to blend.

The photos are taken inside with camera flash and also outside.
This look is the best of the three. However, I do not believe it’s a good foundation for me. With most foundations, BB Creams, mineral powders, etc.,I use a primer to smooth the imperfections of my skin. Gel Mask foundation said “no primer needed” and they are telling the truth!

My skin still has dry patches but the neck lines are less visible. In the outdoors photo it is obvious that the color does not work for my skin tone. You can see where I stopped blending the foundation on my upper cheek.
The photos include indoors with flash and outside on a sunny day in the shade.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Gel Mask Foundation, or Wanna order in Japanese Yen? Visit our JPY Branch!

Beauty Diary: a little bit better condition


Last week was awesome, in good meaning. Things were so fun. Anyway, let me show you my skin now.


Can you see the difference? Hmm, sadly, because of the bad lighting, I am afraid of you can not see clearly my skin condition was changed. But the texture is perfectly different, much much much smoother! Ah, one by one. Albion Excia AL Milks helps me pretty well.

And my stomach condition is also good. I think this is the biggest factor!

Significant difference is the red circle. even in 1st, I could not find in my eyes, and seems 14th, I am feeling it is almost going away! Still there are problem with white and blue circles. The blue thing, in this picture, you may find they are not opened pores, and I am not quite sure…

Still the site circle is my big problem. I am going to focus on brightening!

Anyway, I guess I can show you how foundations covers now!

What I used 1st – 14th of Sep.

Medicines: Cystina-C, Biofelmin S

Cosmetics: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Fancl Washing Powder (#2 Moist), Lancome UV Expert XL, Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk, Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion


Personal Review of Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion (Formula of 2015)

We had chose Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion (Full Bottle!) as our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box, Box of Sep, 2015.
Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion

It had been decided since Aug, but it was also good for myself that my bad skin condition. Originally, I have been afraid of my red parts what is left by my super bad skin condition in this Spring, is coming to freckles. But it was Summer. For American or European, Japanese sunshine is not notable strong, in my personal experience, but if you are from Hong Kong or Mainland of China, you will be surprised how strong Japanese sunshine in Summer. I use sunscreens, but had thought brightening is a job for Autumn.

My first decision was Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion.

At first, I should better to mention about Japanese cosmetics’ brightening or whitening: they are not medicines, and they have less effect of removing freckles. They are helping to keep your skin flawless. So what? What I wanna say is simply that: do not expect you can remove your freckles by those cosmetics.

This Fancl Whitening line is also one of those. It is not the topic of how it works, and I also guess it is silly that translating what cosmetics companies are insisting. I am really tired to hearing “this product is working your genetic level…”(by French big cosmetic makers) or “you have heard about iPS…” things.

How to open

Anyway, I guess you may also wanna know how to open this.


We found a guide, but written in Japanese. Hope you can understand what it means in the picture.
Take the white cap, and remove the yellow ring.
And put the white cap back.
You can use now. I guess this is a good hygienic solution.

And you can also rid off the guide, but I do not recommend.
uhh. remained…


Emulsion is more easier than lotion. In this formula, this emulsion is a pump system. Good!
Open the outside cap.
You will see it is a small cap too. Pull up or just turn on, you can rid off this small cap.
Here you are! This also a good hygienic. This is the reason why I return to Fancl.

Cherry’s Review

What I chose was #2 Moist. For the customers, we had asked which type (#1 Light or #2 Moist) is for you. Still it was hotter on the mid of Aug, but I felt my skin is drier.


You can see the lotion is transparent color.
Whitening Lotion
This is a little bit sticky lotion. I can not describe as “toner”. Fancl is the brand, I often come back when my skin condition is pretty bad. I rarely feel sting by Fancl products. But sadly, when my skin condition was pretty bad, I felt quite small irritation, what is gone quickly. Now, my condition is better, I feel nothing.


Apply emulsion after lotion.
Wash-lotion-emusion, this is a basic Japanese skin care method. Of course there are various method, but if you are trying to use Japanese skin care products, please remember the steps: wash-lotion-emulsion. Talking with girls from other area, sometimes you are misunderstanding what you are lack of: water? oil? If your skin is not enough oil, it is pretty good to apply camellia oil or horse oil. But if your skin is lack of water, camellia oil or horse oil can not help you. Choose as your condition.

For me, now, I feel just my skin is tired by this whether, I just chose both lotion & emulsion for moist. The purpose is wrapping. If you are an oil prone, and really easily to have acne and blemishes because of oils, Fancl is not pretty much oily product, even in emulsion.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Fancl Whitening Lotion & Emulsion.

Start of my new project: Beauty Diary

Hello. I (Cherry) am writing this article with hesitating.

I decided to start a new project: Beauty Diary.

As I can I will take a photo of my bare skin, to record. I guess it maybe at least once/ twice per a month.

Let me tell you what happened to me in  this few days.

Why I took my selfie?

I am editing what Lukin (American Girl) is written and took photos for review Albion Gel Mask Foundation #010. She wrote pretty a lot, and gave us lots of pictures. I was reopened my eyes. I just told her that write what she wants to know about foundations. She took photos of her cheeks. She hesitated to send those photos, and I asked her to send me many times.  On that time, I also thought you wanna know how foundations covers, or not.

There are both customers looking for sheer coverage and full coverage foundations. It is true that perfectly flawless skin is nice, but it also makes you look “perfectionist”, in both good and bad meaning. When I go to “battles”, I try to do that. Makeup is also a weapon at least my own psychologically. I need concealers and full coverage foundations. When I wanna make myself look “friendly”, I do not try to hide everything.

Anyway, what I wanna tell you is, I also need to show you my problems in bare skin to write better reviews for the person who are looking for foundations.

I took a photo of bare skin. It is the very what hit my heart.

Wanna see? At first I tell you, It is quite ugly, and I had not recognized this condition.

1st of Sep


White circle is what I wanted to show you, originally. If you had checked my reviews loyally, you may remember I had really bad skin condition in this Spring (often happen to people in Japan), and my skin condition is better but still there are some red parts are remain, I afraid that they are coming to freckles. That problem part is this area of circled by white.

I also found circled by red. It is my side face area and in my eyes, I could not recognize it. I could see this lightening and photo. I need to do something.

Circled by blue, where is looked like big and pores opened widely. In my eyes, they are not “pores”, they are rough skin and uneven skin torn, I guess.

What made shocked me pretty much is totally uneven skin torn and quite rough skin. What happened? It is last year, I met a person who I know, and it is the first time in this 5-6 years. She told me that “You are a person who from the past. Why you can keep looking like when we are students?” My youth looking might be gone with the wind in this Spring.

Reasons I guess

There are some reasonable reasons.

  1. PMS: moody and feeling, less sleeping, feeling bad… they are my PMS. All of they are positive to make my skin bad condition. You can see something is coming to Acne… :(
  2. Stomachache: I do not the reason why, the day after I played around in Tokyo, I writhed in agony, and got dehydrated because of stomachache. I could not drink anything, and was line dropped. After that, still my stomach condition is not pretty good, and also got PMS, I feel as if I am a powerless. Stomach condition often effects to skin condition. Yes, this is a super positive to make my skin this super bad.
  3. Sudden change of seasons: It is this 2015 that we have quite wired whether in Japan. Super cold June to mid of July, super heat in late July to mid of Aug, and the end of Aug to early of Sep, it is already Autumn. I am an Asthmatic and those sudden change can cause my health worse.
  4. Insomnia: I have struggle with this for since I am a kid. It was super bad in performance in daytime too. I can not help it.

Yeah, because of my PMS, I am feeling moody, and this picture made me super moody. I could accept your orders, ordered to the stores, and shipped to you, but that’s all what I could do excluding daily routine.

Do I need to visit my dermatologist again? Hmm. Japanese hospital system is still working well for me, and not need to pay pretty much. I do not hate hospitals & clinics, but I do not love to go.

Try to help my self

You know, there are some reasons what I am guessing above. There are things I guess I can do. If you know me in person, I am basically positive person. (When I am tired or moody, I am a super cynical critique. )

  1. Vitamin C: We often have orders of custom order of Cystina C. It is just a Vitamin C & B6, they can not bad effect, and Vitamin C will help my skin condition better. It is a time to try by myself!
  2. Lactobacillus: It is for my stomachache. My problem is on colon. My doctor gave me lactobacilli and helped me pretty well. I checked what he gave me, and it was mainly by Lactobacillus Bifidus. There are famous Lactobacillus Bifidus, Biofelmin. I also bought it in a drugstore. You wanna try it? Hmm. It will be much difficult than Vitamins. Check your countries customs by yourself, and when you find it is OK, ask us in your own risk. We can not help you.
  3. Moist Care & Brightening: This is the very cosmetic area. Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV helped my skin condition better in this Spring-Summer. I bought it again and again in this season(!!!), and I will try new Albion Exage Milk, and mainly I will go to change Whitening Milk to Albion Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV on the end of this Month. Because of my budget, it is difficult to switch everything to the Excia AL, I am using Fancl Whitening (2 Moist) Lotion & Emulsion too. Hope they will work to bring me back my better skin condition!
  4. Balanced Diet: I like eating fruits/ vegetables. I must get more and more balanced diet. Oh, please do not teach me which foods are good or I should not eat something etc. Those are unwelcome, and it is not the place to talk the reason why I dislike hearing those things.


Hope they will work for me well!


Personal Review of Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N

In this Summer, I (Cherry) used some sunscreens. Seemed I had forgotten to write a review for those! Sorry!

This Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N is formula of 2014.
They did not change the formula in 2015. I guess they will do that on 2016, maybe late of Feb to early of March. I had used previous formula (of 2012), you do not need to see that. I really hesitate to read it again. I guess I had learnt something, hadn’t I? :)

We sometimes say this product as “Anessa Gold”. Let me show you my review for this Anessa Gold. This is an SPF 50+, PA++++ product, one of the most strongest sunscreens in Japanese market.

It is really runny emulsion.
There is a small metal (maybe) ball inside of the bottle, please shake well before applying. When I was a teenager, the sunscreens made my skin widely white.

Let me show you my arm after applying.
You may see my arm (see, my skin condition is BETTER!!!) is a little bit shining by oil including this Anessa, but it does not change my skin color/ shade.

Oh, did I told you that this Anessa Gold is the most strongest waterproof effect among Anessa? I sprayed Avenne Water (sorry! because of this style, we can not deal it! and I guess you can buy in your country!).
with avenne

I applied this only for my body: neck, arms, legs. In this Spring, I had really had skin condition, and I hesitate to apply this on my face. I often get sting by sunscreens. I can not say this is not oily, but for my arm or neck, this is not pretty bad.

Summer is almost over in Japan. But I know there are lots of hotter and sunny place, especially Australia. And of course if you are going to skiing or skating outside, do not forget sunscreens!

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sun Screen A+N