Personal Review of Albion White Pure White Milk

Oops! Seems I (Cherry) forgot to write the Albion White Pure White Milk itself.

In this Summer, I have done with Pure White Milk #3, but #2 were left, what is too light for my skin. I gave a sample of Albion Exage White White Generate to Hazelnuts of Philippines, she liked it pretty much and bought a bottle. See also Personal Review of Exage White White Generate.

Talking with her, seems her skin is much oilier, and I guess Philippines is where sunnier and hotter whole a year (I can imagine there are other seasons, but not significant seasons like in Japan). I thought she might like this. And fortunately, she got better result more than I had expected!

She has Albion Skin Conditioner Essential, she used this lotion after the milk.

See how she felt 🙂

Review by Hazelnuts

Back for another review!

Cherry sent me the Albion Exage White Pure Milk II, which is an upgrade from the previous Exage White Crystal Milk. Exage White, from what I understand, is a brightening line from Albion and is meant to be used in the summer.
Albion Exage White Pure Milk II

This should be used after face wash, to bring back moisture to the skin after washing and to prepare the skin for other treatments (lotion, serum, cream). Because it helps skin retain moisture, it also helps the other products to absorb better.

Albion Exage White Pure MilkII_swatch
I love the pleasant, citrusy and slightly floral scent. Compared to Excia Al milk, I find that the scent of this one is a bit stronger. It spreads easily onto the skin too. The texture is moist, but not oily or sticky. No. 2 is meant for normal skin, but they have variants for oily and extra dry as well.

Having used the entire Albion line from before, I love their milk lotions. This particular one feels soothing and slightly cooling. I love how it makes my skin moist and smooth! No redness after washing, and no breakouts. And because of its soothing properties, my skin is visibly brighter after use. Again it’s an excellent way to prep the skin for other products.

With Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

I love using this with the Albion Skin Conditioner. It’s amazing! After a week my skin was not only brighter, but luminous! I have been using it regularly and I’m now one shade lighter in my foundation. I’d say they are a good combination. To maximize the effects of the milk, feel free to use it with any of Albion’s lotions.

Skin Conditioner Essential

Quantity of applying

Another thing, Albion recommends two to three pumps for their milks, but I only use one to two pumps. I guess, because of my oily skin, this amount is sufficient enough for my face. Also, it’s worth to note that the weather here is hot and humid, so I don’t need much product to keep my skin moist.

What else can I say? I like the brightening effect very much, and will continue to use this!

Note by Cherry

Thank you Hazelnuts!

Skin Conditioner Essential is a great product, but for the person who has really sensitive skin (like me), it may be too strong to use. They say it is designed for sensitive skin, but there is big quantity of Ethanol I am sure, and I am feeling it is too much for my current skin condition.

You can replace Skin Conditioner Essential to other lotions, like Albion Exage White WHITE UP LOTION, it is much better than Skin Conditioner Essential, in person.

Secondly I envy her that her skin is one shade lighter! WOW! Ha! I did not feel that 🙁 Am I already fair?  Hmm maybe no, I feel I was tanned in this summer.  I guess this convention of Pure White Milk and Skin Conditioner Essential is fitting to her.

Finally, the quantity. She does not apply 3 pushes, and I guess it is pretty good for her skin. The BCs strongly recommend to apply 3 pushes, but I my recommend is changing the quantity as you want, like she does. If it is not enough moisturize your skin, apply more than 3 pushes. I even apply 6 pushes sometimes! (see the “Comparing” reviews. I apply 3 pushes for each of my sides. You know, I do 6 pushes!!! :D)

Hazelnuts, Thank you very much again!

Please check the latest price, and order from here:

Personal Review of Fancl Botanical Force Essence Washing Foam

I (Cherry) bought it on 2015, it was really good to use in Summer, I bought it again on 2016, but in this summer, I found there were so many products to be used. I opened it but used only few times. I sent it to Sarah of Hong Kong to be reviewed.

Please see both the reviews 🙂
Fancl Botanical

Review by Sarah Written in 2016

I had not used foam for many years and honestly I was not very sure if I could use it on a day to day basis given my dry and sensitive skin. What I knew was that foam tends to wipe off more oil from the skin which could cause acnes and other conditions.

Anyway, I am up for anything that looks botanical.

Botanical Force Tube
The foam has a nice scent.


Thanks to Cherry’s kind ‘teaching’, I could get foam much more easily.

Botanical force face wash

The foam feels smooth. The effects are quite amazing- my skin feels not too dry but absolutely very clean. I would even say my skin becomes smoother after the wash.?

Because I was concerned about the dryness it might bring I decided to try it once every day for a week before reaching my ‘verdict’. Not bad at all especially given it’s now autumn (quite dry in Hong Kong). I would say it’d be perfect for summer days, and it can be used in moderation in autumn. It could be too dry for winter for people with a similar skin type.

Note by Cherry

I need to admit it is not pretty easy to earn the foam. But Sarah!! RUB, RUB, and RUB!! 🙂 But all have the preference, and if you are happy with this, where is the problem? Never!

Anyway, here is a guide to earning foam 🙂

How to earn foam for your face wash?

And the climate of Hong Kong.

I know you the audience is from all over the world. I know some of you are from Hong Kong, the other is from Northern Part of Canada. She said it is quite dry in Hong Kong, but it is still over 25C degrees in Oct, and sometimes it is 30C degrees 🙂

It is her Autumn, but it can be different from your Autumn (it is far from Autumn in Japan).

Sarah, Thank you very much!

Review by Cherry written in 2015

Fancl Botanical Force Essence Washing Foam is a face wash and one of the items what we chose Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box March 2015.

Today, let me (Cherry) share with you my personal review of this face wash.

I often use other brands, but Fancl is the brand what I return to. This Botanical Force is a new line. I was a little bit excited to use.

Oops, not pretty good quality.
Fancl Botanical Force
But you may know we are taking photos by ourselves and this product is a paste type face wash.

I used cold water. Yeah, it is not pretty good to make rich bubble. But see this!
Botanical Force Foam


I could make bubble. Those rich bubble will help you to wash your dirt gently. Do not try to touch your face by your hands. Keep bubble as cushion between your hand your face.

I dislike perfumed products, but I love scent of essence oils. When I opened the tube, I found there are herbal scent. Nice!

I had thought this may good for me, when I rinsed well,  sadly I found my skin is dried. This is too strong for my skin now.

The good point is, I did not feel any stinger or something irritated on my lips and eye rids.


I do not recommend for you those who has dried, rough, and weaken skin like me. This is too strong for you. I recommend Ignis VQ Face Wash if you like those tube type face wash. It is another kind of herbal scent. THREE Balancing Face Wash is also attractive, but it may also stronger than VQ.

I guess this is the product for you who are looking for face washes which clear your dirt well, and refresh.

It was really good to using this on Summer.

Please heck the latest price, and order from here: Fancl Botanical Force Essence Washing Foam


How to earn foam for your face wash?

I (Cherry) got a really funny experience with Sarah of Hong Kong. You can use your face washes as your favorite way, but it is really interesting topic to talk.

I gave a foam face wash to Sarah to review. She wrote, but without a picture of foam, I asked her to take photo of foam, on the view point of persuasiveness. She sent me a picture, but there are no rich bubble I had expected, there were just a paste. Chatting with her, I doubt she does not know the way to earn foam, and she is not only one person, of course.

I guess this way might be common to Japanese girls. I leant in Kindergarten. There were soaps to wash our hands we need to wash before entering the room from outside, and before our lunch, and we really liked to make bubbles 😀

If you are not breaded that way, I know there are many people who are using pump style hand soaps, or body soaps only.

Why Japanese girls are choosy about rich foam for face wash?

At first, I guess I need to tell you why Japanese girls are picky about earning rich foam.

Rich foam let you be washing gently.

You do not need to touch directly, if there is a rich foam what can be a cushion between your hand and your face.

And I do not think you can wash your face without rich bubble clearly.

Note: of course there are face washes what you do not need to earn foams, what we are dealing are Papawash, or SUQQU Treatment Liquid Wash.

The way to earn rich foam

OK, back to the main topic.

Because of the season, I my skin condition is not nice, I am not using foam type face washes, they are often too strong for my skin, finally I found a mini size of SUQQU, this is a previous formula, what are already discontinued SS2016 🙂


Step 1 Take small quantity of the paste on your palm

In this time, I took really small quantity, because the purpose is just taking pictures for this article.


Step 2 Add few drops of water

For my convince to taking photos, I use Avene Water, but usually I use tap water, of curse 😀


Step 3 Ribbing


This is the very the photo, the same condition with what Sarah sent me, as “foam”. She insisted she could not earn.

OKOK. You are just in the middle of the way to earn 🙂

Step 4: Add few drops of water & Ribbing

Again? yeah…


It is not enough!

Step 5 Add few drops of water and rubbing

AGAIN? YES! It’s a boot camp!



Add few drops, and RUBBING!


OH Better! But why don’t you want to earn really rich foam??


Here you are 😀


Sarah, I need to admit one point. The face wash what I sent you is not the product can earn so rich bubble easily. No worries.


Hack for earning easily

The first way is using mild water. It’s much easy to do.

The second is using foaming nets.

Foaming Net

They are effective for these face washes. They are cheap and you may be able to buy near of you easily.

Personal Review of Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance X

Review by Cherry

In our store, we found some “boom” among our products. I do not know how it was made, and who are making. The recent “boom” is this Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance X.

I was curious about it and bought for myself 😀
Albion Infiness Gravitiy X

Last year, I used super-mini size of Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA, previous formula of this Resistance X.

See also:Personal Review of Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA

For me, it was just another emulsion. How it changed this formula and one year aged me 😀

The full bottle is a pump style, and I prefer pump things because of the hygiene.

Inginess Pump

Let me show you it on my palm.

Infiness Gravity X

Yeah, there are not pretty much big difference between previous formula and this, I thought. This is Infinesse, it has stronger floral perfume. It is the very bad point among Albion products, the quality cosmetic maker.

In Albion Skincare method (See also Albion Skin Care Method), this product must be used on the final step, “wrapping”.

There are many products you can “wrap” your skin, I am meaning especially creams, but I need to note for you that this is quite light. But it is meaning just I am comparing with other Albion products, and still I do not recommend those who are oil prone.

Infinesse is for making your skin supple, and still am satisfied with my skin.  I can not tell you about this.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, I found “good for pore” for previous formula, and in this formula too. I do not know how it is working, I hope it works!!!

Review by Hazelnuts

Talking with Hazelnuts of Philippines, she is not a person of who enjoys the scent of cosmetics, and seems she likes Albion perfume. I decided to give a bottle to her.

Albion Infinesse Gravity X 01
See how she felt.

Living in a humid, tropical country is a big factor as to why I always reach for brightening skincare products, to combat dullness and UV damage. But then, being my 30s, I do recognize that I also need to pay attention to fine lines and skin firmness. Unfortunately though, most of the anti-aging/firming lines I’ve tried are too rich for my skin type. I still hope to find a good skin firming line that would work for me. So, when Cherry sent me the Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance X to try, I immediately tested it. After all, I’ve had pretty good results from using Albion products.

The Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance X is a serum, meant to be used as the final step in skincare, and has ingredients for lifting and firming the skin.
Albion Infinesse Gravity X 02
I found the serum quite light, so it was easy to apply on my skin, and after a few minutes, it became a bit sticky when I press my palms on my face—- there was an instant feeling of “tightness” which was not uncomfortable at all. It’s like the serum wrapped itself around my face. The “tightness” then subsides, and my skin felt moist to touch.

My face felt smooth while using this, particularly my cheek area where I have noticeable pores. After using this my pores seemed to get smaller, and my makeup glides with ease. Aside from the instant tight feel, this is the area where I saw results. I cannot comment on how it firms up the contours of the face, perhaps because sagging is not much of a concern for me as of now.

I almost forgot to comment on the scent! It’s more floral/woody compared to Excia Al or Exage, and I found the scent quite sophisticated. Please take note for those who do not like stronger scents in their skincare. I personally enjoyed the smell and it makes application quite enjoyable, together with the light, smooth texture of the serum.

I felt that this product was a good starting point for me, for pore and firmness concerns around the cheeks. Also, I preferred to use this alone, because the light texture gives enough moisture to my skin.

Thank you hazelnuts!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance X”, or in JPY Branch!

If you wanna try whole line of Infinesse, there is a kit: “Albion INFINESSE TRIAL SET X”, or in JPY Branch

Personal Review of Bénéfique Mask Power Repair

Review by Cherry

Strong recommend by friends of mine

Frankly to say, I (Cherry) am not a big fan of Shiseido (excluding Ipsa). I often wonder why they use such a strong and cheep perfume with strong Alcohol? Anyway, I have not a good image for them.

Benefique Mask Power Repair
One of the girls behind me gave me this new sheet mask. I am not pretty much big fan of those packaged sheet masks. I recommend to use cottons to make lotion pack/ cotton pack, because the packaged sheet masks are often just lotion/ emulsion with mask. That’s not my value.

You do not understand what I am saying? See also Beauty Tips: Lotion Pack/ Cotton Pack

She told me “This is a sample, and it was also free for me. I like it and bought a box. You are often asking me to tell my favorite cosmetics, try this, this is the one I recommend”.

Using with hesitation… GREAT!!!

I see. I had thought it might be another strong perfumed sheet mask, and opened it without checking what it is, just after my routine: Albion Excia AL White Milk VS and Ignis VQ Lotion. I apply horse oil before my sleep.

This is the product what is quite different than I had expected, in good meaning!

Without cooling

benefique Mask
At first the perfume. It smells “gentle”. That’s true that it has sweet scent, but I do not hate it. (What I hate is cheep floral scent!)

See this mask. You may see emulsion. NO. THIS IS A CREAM! As a cream, it is runny, yeah… you can say… an emulsion… 🙂

Can you see this sheet itself? There are lots of sheet masks not pretty good quality of the sheets, and this is one of the reasons why I dislike packaged sheet masks. I guess it is better to use Albion’s cotton pads or other cottons to make sheet masks. This sheet is a kind of “felt”. I don’t know what this mask is made from, cotton?? Anyway, this sheet is thick and so soft. The sheet fits my face really easy, it may be because of this thick sheet.

I know some emulsions/ creams bring me stinger. As I had told you, there are some not fun experience with Shiseido products, my skin is too sensitive to use Shiseido 🙁 But this product was good for me.

As “Power Repair”, this sheet mask was pretty good to moist my face. It is not pretty much oily for me.

There is also one surprised thing. I have a supple face, usually I do not feel anything with the products what insist that “this make your face supple skin” things. But with this mask, I felt my face is more and more supple 🙂

Shiseido also recommend to make this cold at refrigerator before use. It will be like an ice-cream ! They do not recommend to use just after your red sunburned skin. Use this after your skin is calmed down.

I liked it very much, but checking what other Japanese are saying, tons of people liked this mask, like their dull skins were coming glow, but seeing carefully, this is not food for few: one is saying it was too oily, the other said she got lush 🙁

For me, in person, this sheet mask is with good quality sheet, almost perfect cream. This cream is so nice, and I wiped my elbows and knees with this sheet after removing from my face 😀 (yeah, you do too? no??)

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Shiseido Beneique Mask Power Repair, or wanna purchase by Japanese Yen? Visit our JPY Branch!

With Cooling

Finally, I bought a box for me. Yeah, I did.
Shiseido sheet mask
Beautiful package!!!

Anyway, Shiseido also recommend to make this mask cold at refrigerator before use. Not ice, just make it cold. To be honest, I feel simply YEEK! with hearing someone is using her refrigerator not only for foods but also for cosmetics. Just my feeling. Someone has small refrigerators only for her cosmetics, but no, no, I have no space to do that.

I tried while my staying at hotel. You know, travel is fun, but somehow make me tired.
You know, it is different from my other pictures!

I went to out with make this cold in a small refrigerator in my hotel room. On that night, I tired to use this.
Benefique Sheet Mask with Ice
Hmm… where is the difference? Hmm. No…

I applied it on my face, after my daily routine.

Hmm…It gets warm really quickly, and I did not feel this is an Ice-cream… I prefer a hot towel on my face.

Yeah, it is true that this is really good sheet mask for my vacation. After using this on my face, I wiped my body as if this is a sheet body cream!!

Totally to say, for me, I like this everything: scent, texture, quality of a sheet etc. Even Shiseido recommends to make this sheet cool, I say it is enough to use it as usual temperature.

Review by Hazelnuts

We gave Hazelnuts of Philippines this sheet mask.

Benefique Power Repair 01

See how she felt.


I’m very picky with face masks because based on experience, it has always been a hit-or-miss for me. I usually do not like heavy, silicone formulas because I would get breakouts, while other watery, lighter formulas do not offer much moisture. I did try out some good ones, usually with collagen, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C in their ingredients— I like how they keep my skin moist and bright instantly. That’s why I was curious to try the Shiseido Benefique Power Repair Mask, because I’ve read that it’s a cream sheet mask. It’s my first time to try it so read on to find out how it worked on my skin.

The Benefique Power Repair Mask has a barely-there scent that is not noticeable at all, and the sheet itself is of very good quality. When I pressed the mask, cream essence came out— the mask was very saturated.

Benefique Power Repair 02

I liked how it fit the contours of my face—the mask was stretchy and felt very comfortable, even if it was a bit thick. Please note that I kept the mask in the refrigerator and the effect was cooling and soothing at the same time. I figured that I could have used it at room temperature, but because of the warmer weather here, it would probably feel a bit uncomfortable because the sheet was thick.

I left it on for 20 minutes and used it alone in place of my night cream, afterwards I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning with smooth, bright skin that felt quite firm. Not bad! At first I thought the cream essence was too rich for my skin but not at all— the moisture was just right— not sticky and oily. I also had a bit of puffiness in my eye area before I used the mask, but I was surprised to see that it was gone when I woke up. My face was smooth, with no bumps or redness. I like it very much! The moisture was sufficient for my combination skin and I’m sure it will work for those with drier skin types as well— used alone or together with other skincare products. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a beauty “boost” to their skincare regimen.


Thank you very much Hazelnuts!


Please check the latest price, and order from here: Shiseido Beneique Mask Power Repair, or wanna purchase by Japanese Yen? Visit our JPY Branch!

Personal Review of Albion EXAGE WHITE WHITE GENERATE

Hazelnuts bought a bottle of Albion Exage White White Generate, and we asked her to review this.

Review by Hazelnuts

01 Exage White Generate
I’m a huge fan of Albion products because they seem to work well with my skin. After having tried the Excia Al whitening line, I obviously had high expectations for this next product, which is the Albion Exage White Generate. It’s a brightening serum meant to prevent the formation of freckles and suppress melanin in the skin. Because of its brightening properties, the texture is light and is meant to be used in the summer, to combat damage from UV rays.

02 Exage White Generate

I noticed how the serum is easily absorbed into my skin, without any greasy feel afterwards. My skin felt moist and after using for about a week, I did not have any breakouts, which is great news for my oily-combination skin. I like using this at night to boost skin repair and hydration.

Like Excia Al this product is also scented, so please take note of that if you’re sensitive to fragrance in skincare. I find it very pleasant and soothing to use.

What I like about this serum is that it gives an immediate brightening effect— the moisture is just right, and it makes my skin glow. The “brightness” is visible, because I have several dark spots on my cheek which faded away after using this serum regularly. I do not have freckles though, so I’m not sure if it works on those, but I can certainly say that it makes my skin tone more even and bright.

It also works best when paired with other Albion products, such as the Exage White Pure Milk, for faster brightening effects. As for myself, I can be quite lazy with skincare, especially at night, so I use this serum alone— and it still works well. The moisture is sufficient for my skin but for those with dry skin it’s better to pair this with Albion milk lotions or the skin conditioner. Overall I find it very good for my skin type and I will continue to use it!


Thank you, Hazel! It sounds so nice to hearing it worked well to you! I also used a sample (see the short review written in the bottom), but I did not feel my skin is turned to brighten.

On the picture Hazelnuts took, the bottle looked smoky, but it is not like that, at least before shipping to her.

Exage White Generate

Blue-silver bottle.

Review by Cherry

I (Cherry) got a sample of Albion EXAGE WHITE WHITE GENERATE.

Albion White GEnerate

This product is including Tranexamic acid for brightening.

Albion Exage White White Generate

Yes, there are some perfume, not pretty much strong, I felt, but my nose is “fitting” to Albion products now. Oh no.

Sometimes I feel sting when I use brightening items, especially those “serum” or “essence” things. So far, I did not feel such problem with it. I have used just one package of a sample, I do not know whether it works for brightening or not.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: ” Albion EXAGE WHITE WHITE GENERATE” or wanna purchase in Japanese Yen? Visit our JPY Branch!


Personal Review of ADDICTION Oil Cleansing Addiction

This is a makeup remover, new for AW2016.

Review by Cherry

I (Cherry) know there are some people who dislike oil makeup removers, or whose who are prone of  mineral oil. This product is not for you.

ADDICTION Oil Cleansing Addiction

My make up are below:

  • Foundation: RMK Gel Creamy Foundation #103
  • Lip: Chicca Mesmeric Wet Lip Oil
  • Lip: Chicca Mesmeric Lip Stick
  • Mascara: Lunasol (Strong water proof)
  • Eyeliner: THREE (discontinued)


The mascara is quite strong waterproof, and sometimes hard to remove.


Let me apply on my arm. The oil itself is really runny.

Oil on makeup

I found something nice scent. According to ADDICTION the scent is Juniper Berry & Geranium Rose, but I felt it is a ginger and honey for me. Anyway, nice scent!


Tapping few times, and even the mascara was cleared.



I wiped my arm by tissue.


I was satisfied!


According to ADDICTION, they recommend to apply this by dry hands and on dry face. It means it does not good when your hands are wet. They insists that you have no need to use your face washes after rinse your face well. I feel it is not nice, and I use my face wash.

My face afterward was not dried.

Anyway, I am really satisfied and happy with this new makeup remover!

Review by Hazelnuts

I gave a sample to Hazelnuts of Philippines to review this ADDICTION, seems she likes oil makeup removers. She wrote a review of this. See how she felt 🙂

01 Addiction Cleansing Oil

I’m not a heavy makeup user but because I use water resistant sunscreen almost everyday, I’m a fan of the double cleansing method. I find that it keeps my skin clear because it lets the skin “breathe” after a full day of wearing sunscreen or makeup. I’m partial to cleansing oils and creams, but I also like micellar water, especially for light makeup days or when I’m too lazy to do the whole routine.

Addiction by Ayako is a brand I’m not quite familiar with, but it seems that they have a very good makeup line. Unfortunately it’s not available in my country so I haven’t tried their products. Luckily Cherry gave me a sample of foundation and cleansing oil to test out, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the cleansing oil.

02 Addiction Cleansing Oil

The first thing that struck me when I first opened my sample was the scent. It was quite strong like herbs and a bit of alcohol! I didn’t find it offensive but I was just a bit surprised with the strong scent. The cleansing oils I’ve tried previously have mild to no fragrance (Shu Uemura, Sulwhasoo, Fancl). The scent did not dissipate so quickly as I massaged it on my face.

I judge how well a cleansing oil works by how well it emulsifies. This oil is light and it turned into a milky liquid as soon as I added water to it. After I rinsed it off I noticed that it did not leave any residue or greasy feeling. My face felt clean, and I haven’t used face wash yet! I find the texture similar to the Shu Uemura light cleansing oil (the pink one), but a little thicker than Sulwhasoo.

Overall I liked how it removed all my makeup and sunscreen without being oily afterwards. I would have skipped face wash if I could, but I’m prone to breakouts so I still double-cleanse 🙂 I didn’t mind the strong scent at all but it would be good to note that for people who are sensitive to fragrance. I also find that a little goes a long way for this product– my small sample lasted for two days. It’s quite good and full-bottle worthy, in my opinion.

Thank you, Hazelnuts! I am glad to know you liked this!
Oh, I did not feel the scent is so strong, it maybe my nose is not working pretty well 😀

Please check the latest price, and order from here:ADDICTION Oil Cleansing Addiction, or in JPY Branch!


Wanna have Mikimoto?

Sometimes we have asked whether we can ship Mikimoto or not.



Anyway, in this time, I got a gift from my sister, she bought Mikimoto trial kit for me.


This kit is from Moon Pearl line.

Lotion (30ml), Recover Essence (already thrown away the paper, maybe 10g or something), and 2 sheet masks of Essence Mask LX.

Moon Pearl Moisture Rich Lotion 2

Mikimoto Moon Pearl Moisture Rich Lotion 2

Seems this is not including ethanol and what is good for me, who is an ethanol prone. Maybe #1 may including ethanol.

Mikimoto recommended to patting with cotton, but this thick lotion, I want to use my hands and just “push” softly.

Mikimoto Lotion

There are no perfume, and I felt my skin was really moisturized. Liked it. I found the reason why you are asking us to ship to you.


Recover Essence

Mikimoto Moon pearl Recover Essence

I used this after my lotion.

Mikimoto Essence

It is rich, but smooth emulsion. Seems it is for making your skin supple, but I do not know whether it is working or not for me. My skin is well suppled.


Essence Mask LX

Have not opened it yet.

Mikimoto Sheet Mask

Please check the latest price, and order from here:


Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Lifting Emulsion Moist

At the season of AW2016, Albion changed a formula of one of their compact foundation, Excia AL Moist Emulsion Compact VX to Excia AL Lifting Emulsion Moist.

I got a sample of new Lifting Emulsion Moist.

Excia New foundation & primer AW2016

The shade is #NA201, one of the standard shades for Japanese.


#NA201. Yeah, I had a sample of that shade of previous Moist Emulsion Compact VX.

Excia AL two emulsion compacts

(Above is Lifting Emulsion Moist #NA201, bottom is Moist Emulsion Compact VX #NA201, you may see “VX” on the silver letter 🙂 )

I kept this when I heard that they are going to change the formula. I guess some of you might want to see the swatch, don’t you? Why not? 🙂

When it expires?

This kind of foundation is called as “emulsion”. How to say…creamy, and much easier to carry than liquid or cream foundations. This product is for normal to dry skin.

Emulsion foundations are easy to be dry, according to one of the BCs of Albion, when you keep the foundation in better condition (neither dry, nor too hot), you can use this foundation more than 2 years. It is the most important factor that keeping the sponge clean. Yet she recommends use your foundation ASAP.

If you have Emoist Emulsion Compact VX now, you do not rush to buy new formula, but use your foundation ASAP.


Anyway, please let me swatch them! The primer is the same, Radiant Glow Makeup Serum.

Excia AL NA201 Swatch

Can you see the difference?

I need to admit that it was not east to see the difference through the picture. In my eyes, VX is more pinkish, and Lifting is more Ochre. Some may say Lifting is more darker than VX.


OK. Let me blend on my arm.

Excia AL NA201

OOPS! Can you see the difference? No… 🙁

In my eyes, Lifting #NA201 is a little bit, just a little bit Ochre than VX #201.

There is a difference really slightly, I guess none will say they are different shades.

Coverage, finish and lasting

It is fixed to make my skin a little bit smoother look. But frankly to say, this foundation is not full coverage as Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation, this may be described as middle coverage.

Just smooth look.

For me, this is matte to natural finish. But when my face was oilier, this foundation worked a little bit glow.

This Foundation keeps my skin pretty moist, and I could keep beautiful condition from morning to evening. If you do not sweat so much it lasts longer, I am sure.

If you could not be satisfied with this covering, please apply foundation primers with covering effects, or concealers, or this foundation heavier layer.

I guess there are no pretty big difference from the previous formula. Lift? hmm, maybe no…

This foundation itself is great, but there is one problem. Yes perfume. No floral, yet I prefer no perfumed foundations.

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Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Radiant Glow Makeup Serum

AW2016, they changed their Emulsion Compact foundation and their foundation primer.

Excia New foundation & primer AW2016

I got a sample of this new primer, Radiant Glow Makeup Serum, please let me share my review of this new foundation primer.

At first, I had thought I had reviewed the previous formula, Albion EXCIA AL MAKE UP SERUM, but sadly seems I did not review that itself.

As I remember it was not bad at covering.

When I dropped it on my arm, I just reminded Albion Repair Perfection Base (See also Cherry’s Personal Review of Albion Repair Perfection Base), what is a foundation primer, but also a facial sunscreen.

Albion Excia AL Radiant Glow Serum

That primer of Perfection Base is sheer covering.

When I blend on my arm, it turned my arm skin torn more “white”.

Excia AL Radiant Glow Makeup Serum

I prefer natural skin torn, as Japanese preference. I know some of you are a favor of those “whiten” skin torn. I guess this is not for mine.

And in my eyes, the finish of this primer is neither radiant nor glow. Seems there are no glitters.

The good point of this formula, the previous formula was pretty week SPF and PA levels. In this new formula of Radiant Glow Makeup Serum, it is SPF30 PA+++. I guess this is fair to use in Autumn to Winter.

If you need something foundation primers has more stronger sunscreen effect, please try Albion Repair Perfection Base. I guess it is the difference of that primer and this Excia Radiant that is the perfume and sunscreen effect.

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