Personal Review of Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N

In this Summer, I (Cherry) used some sunscreens. Seemed I had forgotten to write a review for those! Sorry!

This Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen A+N is formula of 2014.
They did not change the formula in 2015. I guess they will do that on 2016, maybe late of Feb to early of March. I had used previous formula (of 2012), you do not need to see that. I really hesitate to read it again. I guess I had learnt something, hadn’t I? :)

We sometimes say this product as “Anessa Gold”. Let me show you my review for this Anessa Gold. This is an SPF 50+, PA++++ product, one of the most strongest sunscreens in Japanese market.

It is really runny emulsion.
There is a small metal (maybe) ball inside of the bottle, please shake well before applying. When I was a teenager, the sunscreens made my skin widely white.

Let me show you my arm after applying.
You may see my arm (see, my skin condition is BETTER!!!) is a little bit shining by oil including this Anessa, but it does not change my skin color/ shade.

Oh, did I told you that this Anessa Gold is the most strongest waterproof effect among Anessa? I sprayed Avenne Water (sorry! because of this style, we can not deal it! and I guess you can buy in your country!).
with avenne

I applied this only for my body: neck, arms, legs. In this Spring, I had really had skin condition, and I hesitate to apply this on my face. I often get sting by sunscreens. I can not say this is not oily, but for my arm or neck, this is not pretty bad.

Summer is almost over in Japan. But I know there are lots of hotter and sunny place, especially Australia. And of course if you are going to skiing or skating outside, do not forget sunscreens!

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sun Screen A+N

Personal Review of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

We often have orders of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, but I (Cherry) had not tried this makeup remover.

I bought a small bottle (which we do not deal. Wanna have? Please order more than USD500 or JPY50,000 and ask us) for myself, and tried.


Here is my makeup in this time.

Foundation: Albion Excia AL
Eyeshadow: SUQQU
Eyeliner: THREE
Lip: Chicca
Mascara: Facio
Letters: Coffret D’or (WATERPROOF!)

Let me drop this oil on my arm.
Oh, my eyeshadows are almost melting, but THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner what is waterproof is still left.

Gently massaged.
Nice, this is enough, and it took only few seconds.

Usually, I add water few by few to make emulsion to remove. In this time, I just wiped by tissue.


HA! Nothing are left. Of course, I can see some “black” color are left whole of my arm, but they are super easy to remove after face wash.

I guess this is one of the most easy to remove my makeup. And when I add water few by few to remove oils, I feel there are almost nothing are left. I feel something sticky with some makeup removers, and I know some people will say “this makeup remover moist my skin”, but that’s not I am looking for.

There is one inconvenient thing: I can not use this oil with wet hands. You have to use dry hands for dry face. But it is only one negative point for me.

This makeup remover does not make my skin so much dry, no wired perfume, it is super easy to remover my waterproof makeup, and  I feel my skin is just cleared.

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Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: AUG2015

We had already shipped to you the Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: AUG2015. We shipped one by one when we got the order, and most of the order were placed while July, and seemed they were already delivered. It is the time to show what we made a box.

In this time, we told you that 2 sunscreens by K, 1 lotion & 1 emulsion by F.

Aug 2015

Sunscreens were Kanebo Allie, and lotion & emulsion are Fancl BC line. All of they were small bottles. 3 Kanebo is on the picture, as you know, who ordered us, we asked each of the customers which Allie they like. Perfect Alpha, Mineral Moist Neo & UV Whitening. Neo & Alpha were often asked.

We are not sure whether we are going to deal the regular size of Allie, excluding Neo. If you wanna buy, please ask us freely. But we DO NOT DEAL those small sizes. It will be hard to obtain

If you wanna have Mineral Moist Neo, please order from here: Kanebo Allie Extra UV Gel Mineral Moist Neo.

If you wanna have Fancl, please order from here: Fancl BC Lotion, BC Emulsion

Personal Review of Albion Excia AL WHITENING CRYSTAL COCKTAIL

In Albion’s 4 steps method: 1) Wash, 2) Milk, 3) Lotion, 4) Wrap, this cocktail/ serum is the final step.

Wrapping by oilier products is important to keep your skin moist. Talking with people from out of Japan, they are thinking misunderstanding. If you have dry skin, my recommend is add both water and oil.
I gave it’s sample to Sarah, from HK. Let’s see how she is reviewing.

Sarah’s review

The sample¨s packing is silver in colour but it looks golden in this picture because of room lighting.
I didn’t have any experience with the Japanese skincare routine and never knew that lotion (Sarah: Cherry, is it a kind of lotion? Or serum? Cherry: Sarah, this is a serum) could be used instead of cream to wrap (retain moisture in skin). I’m really very happy to have tried this Excia cocktail because it simply is excellent.
I’m not sure when I first see that the cocktail is so thick and gooey. You see, it is reluctant to slide down my skin. The smell is very pleasant though.
I’m then floored by how silky the cocktail feels when applied on the face- it just surprises me because of its gooey look. It’s quickly absorbed into my skin and just in a minute, I feel like I haven’t put on anything at all. The best thing is of course that it wraps so well. I don’t feel any dryness or tension in my face for long hours. Its ability to wrap is comparable, if not better, to the Nuxe dry skin cream that I’ve been using. The fact that it doesn’t stick as much definitely makes it a better choice especially in summer.

Thank you Sarah!

Cherry’s Review

Seeing the lighting Sarah used it in her hotel. Here in my house.
Albion Excia AL Whitening Cocktail

Even for me, it is not pretty much fun (!?) to use lots of items on my face.

Sarah had mentioned it is a gooey look, but for me, it is just a serum, not pretty much gooey/ sticky, just running white serum.

It is like Fancl’s emulsions, it is less/ no oily, and it is true that I doubted it can wrap to keep my skin moist well. As Sarah mentioned, I also thought this is good for summer.

For me, I often get stinger by those products, but rarely happen in Albion products. It was really good for me I also had not stinger nor flash by this cocktail.

Totally to say, this is a nice product for me.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Excia AL WHITENING CRYSTAL COCKTAIL

Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Whitening Lotion SV

Let me (Cherry) review products of Albion Excia AL Whitening Mini-bottles Set.
Albion Excia AL Whitening Minibottles Set

Today, let me show you the step 3, Lotion.


Albion Excia AL Whitening Lotion SV
Whitening Lotion SV

When I applied on my palm, I was a little bit surprised. Oh, this is a really white lotion. You may see the drop on the side, this is runny product.

The perfume is not Korean Ginseng kind as Sarah mentioned for Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV. It is the same with Excia AL Whitening Milk SV, fortunately, some kind of oriental herbal scent, and not pretty much strong.

I applied this on my face, and there are no stinger for me. It’s good. But for me, this is a typical lotion/ toner. Even using Albion milks, I guess you can use your favorite lotions on the Step 3. I often use “Lotion Pack“, I prefer lotions with affordable price zone, in person. But it is a good product.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Excia AL Whitening Lotion SV, or order in our JPY Branch


Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV

I (Cherry) had thought that I had already done with my review for Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV only. Seems I have not yet. Let me show you my review.

This is my second bottle for this summer.
Extra Rich Milk

Albion’s skin care method is unique, and if you are not familiar with this, please also check it: Albion Skin Care Method

I do not want to spare my words about Albion’s method again, simply, their steps are 1 Wash, 2 Milk, 3 Lotion, 4 “Wrap”.

So, you need to apply this on your face just after your face wash. Albion recommends to use cottons. According to Lukin, an American girl, Albion cottons are unlike anything she had tried. See also: Albion Facial Cotton

It is the reason why Albion recommends to use this product that it “open” the route to pore your lotion, and with cotton, you can remove dirt left on your skin: not rinsed dust of face wash etc. But please do not misunderstanding, this is not a makeup remover. This product is moist your skin.

The standard quantity of Albion recommends is 3 pushes.
3 pushes
This is a lot.

I guess it is up to you. Let me show you push once only.
1 push
This is small quantity, but you can use whole of your face. It is really easy to spread on your face.

Me? It is really up to my skin condition. Usually I use one push. When I feel my skin is really dry, like when I was air conditioned room for whole a day, I use more than 3 pushes. But when I feel my skin is really oily, I do not use this milk. It is a little bit “heavy” when my skin is oily.

When I feel my skin is sensitive, whether I use this or not is up to my skin. It is because of my PMS, I do not use. I often get acnes in my period. I am afraid of this is too heavy. But when it is because my skin is too dry, I apply this with many pushes: 3 pushes, change cottons and another 3 pushes, change cottons 1 push, 1 push…

My skin condition is better, I feel. This is one of the reason why because of this milk.

In this spring, my skin was really dry, and too sensitive. I went to counters to check my skin condition on Spring, both water and oil balance are really bad. Few days ago, I went to a counter, and had a chance to check my skin condition (it is the first time in this 3-4 months), my water level and oil levels are quite good :)

Oh, this product is including perfume: hmm, some kind of oriental herbal? This is not from essential oil, but for me, it is acceptable.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, or wanna order in Japanese yen? Visit our JPY Branch!

Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Circulating Essence Foam

Let me (Cherry) review products of Albion Excia AL Whitening Mini-bottles Set.
Albion Excia AL Whitening Minibottles Set

In this time, I will show you Excia AL Circulating Essence Foam, the face wash.


Let me apply on my palm.

Essence Foam

!? This is a transparent liquid, and I doubted again whether I opened the lotion bottle or not. Oh, this is the truly “foam”. I add a water and try to make a bubble.


Circulating Essence Foam

It was super easy to make enough bubble to wash. For me, this bubble is enough, but I guess you will feel “light” bubble. I know there are many people who like “rich” or “creamy” bubbles. In person, especially at summer, I do not want to use “rich” or “creamy” face washes. All I need is letting me feel “fresh”. Oh, no worries, there are no peppermint or something stinger to make feel “cool”. Just I felt “fresh”. For me, this is a good product. But I guess when I would have felt my skin was too dry, I could not have used it.

The perfume is nothing to write. I care the scent of cosmetics, but for me, it was acceptable.

Totally to say, they are the people who I do not recommend this face wash: super dry skin, preferring”rich” “creamy” bubbles, moist your skin with face washes. They are the those who I recommend this face wash: normal-oily skin, preferring to feel “fresh” with face washes.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Excia AL CIRCULATING ESSENCE FOAM, JPY Branch

Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Circulating Watery Cream

Let me (Cherry) review products of Albion Excia AL Whitening Mini-bottles Set.
Albion Excia AL Whitening Minibottles Set

First is Excia AL Circulating Watery Cream, the makeup remover.

I guess there will be a spatula for the full bottle, but there are nothing in this mini bottle.

The makeups are below. There are no record of the foundation, but maybe by SUQQU.
・Eyeshadow: SUQQU Blend Color Eyeyshadow
・Blush: Lunasol
・Lip: Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick
・Eyeliner: THREE (waterproof)
・Mascara: Facio (Waterproof)
・Letters: Coffret D’or (Waterproof)

Let me apply on my arm.

When you touch just few times, there are nothing changed.

Massage really softly.
ohh, so dirty.

I wipe the dirt by tissues softly.
There are the dirt is left, and the skin is really oily. I never recommend you will finish in this stage. It is really bad hygienic and bad for your skin. Wash your face gently with your favorite face wash.

After my face wash, I satisfied with this remover. There are some makeup removers, liquid (sometimes described as water), oil, gel, milk, cream etc. My recommend for the person who often makeup (like me) is oil or cream. So far, I have not seem the products of others who can remove clearly like this oil or cream.

There are perfume too. If you are liking the things without perfume, this is not for you.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Albion Excia AL  Circulating Watery Cream or order in our JPY Branch

One idea to use splashing pump foundation bottles

There are many shapes of cosmetics. Let me (Cherry) talk about liquid things in this time.

In liquid/ fluid foundations, they are often be bottled in a bottle and a cap, like ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation. In other hands, Lunasol or THREE, they are in pump style bottles.

I prefer pump style bottles, in person, especially on the point of hygiene. Cosmetic companies (like Paul & Joe used to recommending to do for their primers yeek!) sometimes tell us the way to use, just open the cap and put your thumb and keel the bottle to apply, and that’s unacceptable for me, in person. (I know some of you will be comfortable with doing, but this is just a personal behavior, and I can not change. Thank you for your understanding, in advance!)

I use one bottle of lotion/ emulsions per a month, but I can not have done with one bottle of foundation per a month! I sometimes change foundations up to my skin condition.

But I also need to admit there are some pumps splashing things widely when there are quite few were left in the bottle. Yes, it happened in Lunasol. I had already changed my clothes, and I need not only change clothes, but also need to wash! Alas!

There is one idea.
Open the pump cap, and use just like a bottle with a cap. It will take for less than one week :)

Albion Skin Care Method

Talking with Lukin (from USA) or Sarah (from Hong Kong), I recognized how unique Japanese Skincare method is. I (Cherry) am trying to explain things, but let me explain you one of the most unique skin care method of Albion (because there are mini bottles of full line!)

Albion is one of the brands what we really often have orders, especially foundations. If you wanna have full coverage foundations, please visit our store: Albion Foundation
Albion Excia AL Whitening Minibottles Set

Let me talk back to Albion skin care method.
The method is called as “4 steps method”.
Step1 Wash
Step2 Milk
Step3 Lotion
Step4 Cream/ Serum

OK. Showing you what they are each.

Step1 Wash

They are from Makeup Remover and Face Wash.

Makeup Remover

I had mentioned how important hygiene is, and the way to use oil makeup removers.
Beauty tips — How do you remove your makeup?
Do you makeup? I know most of our audiences are love to makeup every day. I also know the other are not makeup. But how about sunscreens?? You may use sunscreens. Aren’t they waterproof or water resistance, are they?

If they are those, my recommend is using Makeup Removers first, and Face Wash second.

In this picture, I am showing “Cream” type. There are “Oil”, “Milk”, “Gel”, “Water” etc. My recommend is “Cream” or “Oil”, you can remove pretty well. And what I do not recommend is “Gel”, in my experience, they remains things pretty, pretty much, and to remove those clearly, I needed to scratch or wash many times. Worst is “Water”, in person. Nothing to say: my skin is sensitive, and I often get stinger by Alcohol.
Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Circulating Watery Cream

Face Wash

This face wash is “liquid”. There are paste, powder, milk etc.
Excluding enzymatic face washes (like Papawash), as long as you can make rich bubbles, they are good, I am sure.

I may explain about those things later, when my skin condition was super bad, I applied powder foundation only. Sometimes I wear sunscreens which has no effect of waterproof/ water resistance. When those days, I use face wash only.

When I use makeup removers, I always use face washes. This is called as “double wash”. The purpose is rinse well makeup removers. After removing makeups, creams are oily, and oil removers are not oily, but I feel uncomfortable. In my experience, I do not recommend those products “you can remove your makeup too” things. They are too strong as face wash, or they are often too weak to remove my makeup.

Anyway, the section of “wash” is not unique as Japanese Skin Care method.

And you may worry about “double wash” method will bring your skin drier. When you take away from your skin moisture by washing, why don’t you add and wrap?

Step 2 Albion Milk

The most uniquest part of Albion method is Step 2 & Step 3. Milk (emulsion) first, and lotion second.

I may tell you later, but shortly to say, Japanese skincare method is pouring water by lotion (really watery lotion), wrapping by emulsion or cream (oily things) to avoid evaporation. So, the step is Wash-Lotion-Emulsion (or cream).
Albion Milk
Albion’s method is unique: 4 steps of Wash-Milk-Lotion-Cream/ Serum. Have you heard about “pre-lotion” items? It is opening route to pour your lotion. Albion’s milk (emulsion) is that kind of product.

And Albion recommends to use cottons to use their milk. The purpose is removing the things avoid lotions are going into. It is the effect of “wiping” by cottons. If you have use makeups, are you really sure with removing your makeup perfectly? Are you sure you could rinse perfectly the makeup removers?

Recently, I am really in love with using Albion milks (and Cosme Decorte AQMW is the same method). It moist my skin pretty well.
Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV

Step 3 Lotion

Albion is producing nice lotions. But not pretty much unique. Just a usual “most well” products. Ah, so far, there are no stinger for me.

And for dry skin (like me), are you sure with your water and oil conditions? When I visit my dermatologist (in Spring, I had super bad condition) told me that “add water, and less oil”. Camellia Oil or other skin care oils are good (I like Horse Oil), but do not forget to pour water on your skin!

Personal Review of Albion Excia AL Whitening Lotion SV

Step 4 Wrap

After lotion, you need to wrap avoiding evacuation.

In Japanese method, it is often by Emulsion. But according to the BC of Albion, Albion milks has no effect of wrapping. So, you need something to wrap. Albion sells Cream & Serum.
cream/ serum
You do not need to buy both Cream and Serum. You can choose one. If you like using creams, choose cream. If you do not like creams, choose serum.

Me? I often combine with other products with Albion. I am using their emulsions. But They are also attractive.

OK, let me show you what I was showing. The mini-bottles were gift from Albion when I bought Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV. It was for new formula campaign.
Albion Set