Personal Review of Allie Moisture Gel

Let me share with you Cherry’s Personal Review of ALLIE Moisture Gel.
SPF50+, PA++++ and waterproof sunscreen.

This is 25g.

I used Allie’s liquid sunscreen few years ago, and it has no perfume, but with strong chemical smell. This is the reason why I did not use Allie last few seasons. This Allie’s Gel is the same fomula with 2012, it has no articial perfume, but it has less strling chemical smell.

This is white color.


You may see this is a little bit white on my arm. But this is because of lightening. From my eyes, it looks like just oily. Yes, this is a little bit oilier.

This product’s waterproof effect is so good.
Frankly to say, I felt small stinger on my face. This is good for my body.

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