Allie Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX is a good waterproof sunscreen with reef safe!!

In this year of 2022, Kanebo changed the whole formula of Allie, their famous sunscreen. Allie Extra UV Gel N is discontinued, changed to Allie Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX.

I bought two of new Allie, what we are able to deal.

I perfectly forgot to take a shot without opening a package, but you may find that it is a paper package.

How it changed?

In this formula of 2022, “Chrono Beauty” line is a reef safe. It sounds nice, but I am a person who is living in a sea side city, but rarely go into the sea — once in this decade??, it is not a big deal. The quality is the most important factor to choose sunscreens.

The good thing is that it is still Friction Proof and Super Water Proof. Also there are no scent, it is the most important for me.

What Friction Proof means?

In Allie, since 2018, they insist Allie is “Friction Proof”.

If you often wear sunscreens on body, you had found something white cast is on your bags or your clothes. Yes that’s your sunscreen from your arms/ legs/ necks. In this Friction Proof is make it less these incidents. I sweat a lot in summer and it is one of the problem among late spring to early Autumn.

Do you have a problem like me? If you are, do you remember how many clothes and bags are damaged? I liked Porter by Yoshida, if you know Japanese fashion, you may know the black casual nylon/ parachute bags. It is from USD200 bags, it is far from expensive but not so much affordable for a student. My sweat and sunscreens damaged my Porter bags!! The residue of sunscreens are not easy to removed! I had learnt makeup removers works to rid off, but washing is not nice for that bags.

I am so wise now I switched my casual daily bags for walking from Porter to LeSportsac what is selling almost the same price with Porter in Japan, but much cheaper when I buy at DFS in airports. But it get damaged by my sweat and sunscreens.

Anyway, you could understand how I was excite to hear the news of the Friction Proof. It is impossible to stop my sweat, but the biggest problem in white stain by sunscreen. Anessa is a good product with less white stain on my bags and clothes.

Comparing Allie Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX with Allie Chrono Beauty Facial Gel UV EX.

I jumped to Allie, and my first choice is Allie Extra UV Gel on 2018. Generally, I was satisfied with the product of 2018. The “Friction Proof” thing, Allie line are less damaging on my bags and clothes.

This current Allie Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX is designed for face and body, as the same with the previous formula.

I am not having the old formula, I can not compare how it is changed. Here is my comparison with Facial Gel UV EX.

allie comparison 2022

The texture is different. I am feeling the Facial is more oilier, and Gel UV is more lighter, no sticky and less oily. I never say it is not oily, but it is less oily than other sunscreens.

I feel someone may describe Facial is greasy, but I felt Gel UV is drier for my skin condition. I choose “greasy” for this Spring. It is still March, and in this Autumn-Spring season, we have less rain, and the air is so drying. I won’t use this Allie Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX on my face in this season.

See also: Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty Facial UV Gel EX.

Also, both change my skin tone slightly, I need to note.

I sprayed my Avenue Water on it, and there is a strong waterproof as you can see.

I don’t know how you may feel, but I feel Gel UV EX is stronger waterproof effect as Kanebo insists.

In my conclusion, it is not for this Spring season in person, it may be for mid summer.  And when I could visit tropical area or beach in 2022, probably I may choose this Gel UV Ex, due to the waterproof effect!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Kanebo Allie”.

How Hazelnuts of Philippines feels

It is a good product, but I felt it is not for my current using. I sent it to Hazelnuts of Philippines. I was curious about how people in tropical area feels.

It’s been a while since I bought a proper sunscreen. I’ve been using bb creams and tinted moisturizers most of the time since I’m mostly at home and I only travel occasionally. However, due to most countries lifting restrictions, I plan to spend more time outdoors. I feel it is timely to try a new sunscreen again, specifically the newly reformulated Allie Gel UV Ex:

hazelnuts allie

The current formula is light, slightly watery and spreads easily on the skin. My hand became slightly brighter when I rubbed it in, but it didn’t leave a white cast on my face.

hazelnuts allie on hand

I used it as a makeup base and put a cushion foundation on top. The lightweight formula did not feel thick or stuffy despite the layer of makeup I put on top of it.

My skin has changed from oily to combination skin type, with dryness especially on my cheeks, and I didn’t find this to be drying at all. Some sunscreens would leave dry patches on my face, but this one didn’t. take note though that I’m in a hot and humid country at the moment, so it probably contributes to my skin’s moisture levels.

I find that my face felt comfortable as the day went on. My makeup did not slide off my face so it’s a very good base for my foundation. when I took it off, my face looked calm and bright. I usually have a red spot or two when trying out a new sunscreen, but I did not get blemishes on this one.

I’m definitely taking this to my upcoming beach trip.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Kanebo Allie”.