Personal Review of Albion Infinesse Brush Up Wash

We chose Infinesse Trial Kit as Japanese Beauty Box: Feb 2015.
In this time, we show you its face wash: Infinesse Brush Up Wash

I had expected pasted face wash because usually they use such “tube” style for pasted face wash.

No, it is not pasted, but “milk”. Oh. My recommend is shaking this tube just before using.

Adding water, I made foam. Frankly to say, my recommend is using mild water. You can make much richer than this picture which I used cold water.

There are some face washes so strong for my dried and sensitive skin. I was satisfied with this face wash on that point. My skin was not dried with this face wash. Good!

But there are one problem for me in person. Yes, its perfume. To be honest, Albion is producing QUITE nice products, but I do not understand the reason why they use such strong perfume. But I like Infinesse’s perfume more than Exage. And I like Excia AL’s perfume more than Infinesse. OOPS! This is the trick by Albion :))

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