Albion Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA made my skin moist and well prepared for other treatment!

Review by Hazelnuts

Once again I’ll be reviewing a product from Albion, this time from their Infinesse White Line–specifically the Whitening Milk.

Albion Infinesse White 1

I understand that the Infinesse Range is targeted towards women in their 30s, and the Whitening Line has brightening and firming properties, with faster results.

I have tried Exage White and Excia Al Whitening, and they both worked well for me, so I’m very much keen on trying out Infinesse.

Albion Infinesse White 2

As with other Albion milks, this one is meant to be used after face wash to bring back moisture to the skin.

The texture is a little bit thick and milky, not too runny, as you can see from the swatch. Honestly I do not find any difference between this and the Exage White Milk. It spreads and absorbs well on my skin too. After applying, my skin is moist, and well prepared for other treatments, such as the Skin Conditioner and cream/serum.

I did not notice significant whitening after using this, which is understandable because I only used a sample—with skincare, it will take a few more applications to see results. But I did felt that my skin was softer after 1-2 uses. I did not experience breakouts while using this one, even if this product has mineral oil. There are others who may want to take note, especially for those who are sensitive to that ingredient. Overall I feel that it is a good product to help retain moisture in the skin after washing.

Review by Cherry

Let me show you Infinesse White Milk IA.

Frankly to say… I could not find any difference between this and Moisture Milk IA.

One of the beauty counselors of Albion told me that she dislike the perfume of Infiness, especially Infiness White. I feel it is a little bit stronger than Infiness.

It made my skin moist well. But if you are a person, who have oily skin, I do not recommend to use. You will feel just oily.

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