THREE Concentrate Cream is harder cream and moisturized my skin well

I (Cherry) got a sample of THRRE Concentrate Cream.

THREE concentrate cream

This cream including Sandalwood Essential Oil. I like the scent of Sandalwood! Because of lots of essential oil, THREE does not recommend to use this product for pregnant.

THREE cream
This cream is a little bit harder. But on my hand, maybe because of my body temperature, it was getting melting. It is a little bit oily product. They say this Concentrate line is for hormone balance too. This is just a sample, and I do not know whether it works for me or not. But I liked this cream very much. It moisturized, especially by oil well.

When I gave its sample to Sarah of HK, she had told me that this cream itself is good, but the scent is plastic or something, to change the photos better quality, I used it again, but the scent is still Sandalwood, it reminds me incense. Cosme Decorte AQMW is contains Sandalwood too, but it does not reminds me incense.

Checking how Japanese reviewers are saying, those who with pimples because of bad hormone balance, this cream worked pretty well, less pimples and better skin condition. I guess it is risky to use cosmetics to care acnes or pimples, my recommend is dermatologist. But after your condition is getting better, it will be try worth.

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