Sofina White Professional Stick is an affordable and nice brightening item

I (Cherry) sometimes use brightening products. In this time, I chose Sofina White Professional (sick).
Sofina White Professional Stick

Sofina White Professional Stick

This is the brightening item what I repeat often.

Like Haku by Shiseido, those brightening item is essence / serum style. Sofina has essence too, but I like this stick.  I feel I can put this product on my spots directly. This is the first reason.

Sofina White Professional Stick

Sofina White Professional Stick

Can you see there are shining part on my hand. This is the place I put this product. Of course this is not “brightening effect”. To be honest, I am not sure this works or not. I wish so.

NOTE: I used this product since this summer to winter. Not everyday. While I travelled Europe, I did not bring it. I have some freckles, some are scar mark by something like mosquito bite, or acne marks. When I keep using this stick, seemed my freckles are getting hard to see. But when I stop using this stick, it is getting easy to find. For me, it worked. Of course I thought it is working for me, and it is not meaning it is always good for you.

If you want to try this product, please check “Sofina White Professional Stick“.  Wanna order in Japanese Yen? Visit our JPY Branch!

Just for your information, we may break the bottom of the box to check this product before our shipping.

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